Sunday, August 9, 2009

2009 The 9th Annual "Bar Stool Open" on Grand Lake Ohio

Cloudy and humid, but not bad for yesterday's annual Bar Stool Open. We, The Duck Iguanas, started out with 5 on board. Nick, Hal, his buddy Woost, and me...along with our 5th Trivie Bruns....the Duck Do-Do in another boat had 6 on board. I don't have the final totals of participating teams, but usually about 150-165 teams show up with a number of hangers on and followers, making 900-1000 total participants. Yesterday's crowd seem a mite small, maybe because of the economy or the cloudy weather...or maybe we were just ahead of the crowd.
The shotgun start began at 9AM more or less. We left Nick's dock at Bayview Lodge and headed for Duckfoot Landing, where we start each year{that way we can end up at the home dock and finish}. After shooting 8{all 4 of us getting 2}...things quickly went downhill for our boys...we were pretty much out of it by the 5 hole, and our chances of winning any of the big prizes were done. So the party began.

By the time we arrived at The Breakers and Roberts Town Tavern holes we decided to slow down, both the fast pace of the golf and beer consumption.... after playing the Breakers with our best score of 7 and with the DDDs seemly one step ahead of us, we got a cell phone call as we docked at It's It's Landing near Montezuma....they were dead in the water. The boys had his something and tore up their out we go to pick them up....and our boat of 5 became a gang of 11....

Eventually we finished up back at Bayview around 6:45 making a 9 1/2 day on the Lake and 13 bars a semi-success. Hal, Nick, and I headed back to Nick's place a mile from Bayview, and waiting for Patricia and Anissa to make the 15 minute drive from Celina to pick Hal and me up. We fired up a couple of Indian Tabac Maduros and waited for the sober members of the family to arrive. All in all, a pretty good day....No Hangover for me...and Hal is already on his way back to the Dayton area for a family get together with his girlfriend's family.

Not sure of our final score, but I'm sure we finished in the middle somewhere...Hal scored 2 hole-in-ones, and Nick and I each added one ourselves.

Me? I'm gonna have another cup of Joe and decide if I want to climb the roof in 92 degree heat and humidity and finish the final section of the house painting...I'm betting the answer is NO...That may wait for tomorrow, I might just chill out...with tea, no beer, for today.

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Photos--Some Photos taken before my battery on the Old Sony crapped out for the day___

(1) Me, early on in the event with our 9th edition Bar Stool Open T-Shirt(2) L to R...Youngest son Hal, his college roomie Woost, and Trivey, enjoying one of his may Coronas.(3) Nick taking aim at the Shingle Shack's new hole(4) Our team of 5 becomes 11 as the Duck Do-Do's don't...the stalled(blow prop) can be seen in the back as we load up their supplies(5)Nick at the Helm of his Pontoon....(6) I take my turn guiding us across the Lake.(7 and 8) The Moose Lodge and the Breakers(formerly Carta Villa) a couple of holes midway through our Shotgun Start from Duckfoots


BRUNO said...

Sorry it took me so damned long to get "over-here", again!

Eeey-uww---water+heat+direct sunshine=HUMIDITY!!! Hopefully it was a lot-less painful than it looked, THERE!

And the Obama "Jeering-Section" will, indeed, continue to get LOUDER, now that the "seed" has been "planted". I just hope they don't use too-much "fertilizer" all at once, and end-up "burning" too-many of their(ok---OUR!)roots, before we can grow big-enough to defend ourselves, so to speak!

And, BTW---LOVE that new "header"! So---was he SAFE? Or OUT?

(And how long did it take YOU to stand-up straight again, AFTER that moles-eye view of the play? LOL!)

PRH....... said...

The heat wasn't bad, only because it was cloudy most of the time...but those open air bars were humid as it gets.

The Obummer Administration can't wait to make an excuse to make a move on us "Right Wing Mob" types...tick, tick, tick...

Funny thing about the play...I almost blew the call...the catcher slapped the tag on him, I was ready to call him out...but the ball(shown on the non cropped photo) was still up in the air. Thus he put the tag down, but without the ball in the mitt...."SAFE". And I don't bother standing up ...seems I'm in permenent "stoop" when behind the plate. :)

Shrinky said...

Oh my, looks like a fine day was had by all Pat - good company, great scenery, a common goal and plenty enough beer - what more could you ask for, eh?

I love that header photo you've got up, a great shot!

FHB said...

That stuff is so much fun! I wish I had a friend around here with a boat!

Anonymous said...

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