Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Thoughts/The Obama War Update

I have been doing my best to ignore the "Pity Party" for the departed Swimmer, Ted Kennedy. It has been almost laughable at times, watching TV and especially the left try to make this abortion loving assclown look somehow noble. While I feel no joy over Kennedy's demise, I, as previously posted, have not shed a tear now that he has assumed his place in Hell.

Have you ever noticed that the Kennedy men and women all look alike? You don't think major inbreeding could be a factor, do you? Just asking....because their political and personal life styles scream Issues!!!!
Do They Come in 3s____?

Not to be morbid or cruel...I am reminded that all things like the Kennedy Bucket Kick come in 3s....who's next? Perhaps Jimmy Carter, the Islamic terrorist loving cracker and absolute worst President of my tears there. And perhaps Nancy Pelosi will crash her taxpayer funded "Flying Broom" into the Rocky Mountains as she 'whisks' home for more criminal fundraising...nope, no sadness there either. We can only wonder.

Football Friday____

The High School Football season kicks off in high gear tonight...there were a few games last night, but the majority of contests will be held tonight. In the local area, most teams will be playing their non-league games tonight, before heading into league play next Friday.

No game for me tonight, Sam and I had a final scrimmage contest for Jr High last night at Spencerville...tomorrow morning, I will be here in Celina for the JV Contest between the Bulldogs and Lima Senior. The Varsity Contest between those two schools is tonight in Lima. Sunday, oldest son and I, have the opening Rec League double header here as well.

My old school in Florida, the Venice Indians with it's quarterback heading to the Florida Gators, take on top 5 ranked Chesapeake Virginia Oscar Smith tonight on ESPNU...Smith has the nation's top ranked QB, should be fun to watch the old school tonight at 7PM{eastern time}.

Diabetes 2 Diets____

Spent much of the day yesterday going over the Diet Plans for those with Diabetes Type 2 on the Internet....despite a few items I will need to give up over the next 6 does not appear to be that difficult a plan...I will find out more next Thursday when I visit the Dietitian at St Marys. Looks like less fatty red meat, more chicken breasts, less cream, more brown rice, maybe a beer or 3 less per week, and more green tea. But it is doable.
I will be posting my results and progress over on my back pain blog:

Since I have not had major back pain over the past year and a half, I might as well use this already up and running site for my Diabetes Journal.

Freak Mutant Sunflower?____

Have you ever seen a flower or at least a Sunflower like the one at the top? It's on the same plant as some regular sunflowers...see here>>>>
These are not the large Mammoth Sunflowers, but he garden variety from the same seed pack.

Have a great weekend...back later>>>>
Updates: How's the Obama War Going? And where are the screams from the Lapdog Left?
Where is the media, now that Obama's Favorite War, the one in Afghanistan is going badly...Already 45 American Heroes dead(the most ever in a single month), and for what? The glorification of The Kenyan Messiah. Nary a word of protest from Liberals and/or the Mainstream Media.

Photos-Top Left/The "Mutant" Sunflower in my back yard...speaking of "mutants", could peanut brain Jimmy Carter, the worst American President of the 20th Century become #2 in the "The Come In 3s Death trilogy" following Ted Kennedy? And a "regular" Sunflower from the same plant as the freak at the top...and no we are not talking Carter, "freak" is too kind for that Islamic Terrorist supporting asshole.


Mike Tillman said...

Pat, seen those before, sometimes they just crop up on sunflowers-sorta like a double bloom.

PRH....... said...

Thanks Mike....learn something new every day...they are a cool change from the "regular" Sunflowers.

Rick Adams said...

Looks like it sneezed............

Rick Adams said...

Looks like it sneezed.............

Jan said...

I've planted some like that,
they're called "Teddy Bear" sunflowers--very cute.

PRH....... said...

"Teddy Bear"? You learn something everyday...thanks Jan! Sneezed? Good one Rick!