Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So I Lied!

Worked an hour and a half scrimmage for Freshman Football last night at Rockford...home team Parkway vs Spencerville. Thursday at Spencerville for a Junior High Scrimmage, then Saturday my first regular season game...Celina hosting Lima Senior in a JV contest. Sunday Sam and I have a double header as the Cross Roads Youth Football League kicks off it's season. Teams from west Ohio and east Indiana square off for the next 2 months.

A hint of summer is back for the next few days...then cooler by the weekend and early next week....I'm sure Patricia and her cohorts are glad for the humid conditions as they welcome the students back today....nothing finer than sitting in a hot, humid, classroom with kids that still have summer on their minds....Not!

So I Lied!____

Yesterday I made a pledge to not discuss politics as much on this blog....so I lied. Sure I can't do much except bitch and prepare, but at the same time I cannot watch this big eared son of a bitch that thinks he's King of the World sitting in the White House, without making a comment here and there.

A little civic lesson today or maybe just a wake up call. First you need to Google Van Jones Communist. This is Obummer's new "Green Jobs Czar". Jones is an avowed "Radical Communist"...no, I'm not bullshitting you, this guy wears his Red with pride. And he's just one of many in the Ebony Messiah's Administration.

While you are at it...Google up Jeff Jones Weather Underground...Jeff and his cohorts, Bill Ayres and Ayres' radical wife Bernie Doran founded the Anti American Weather Underground back in the 1960s...Jeff Jones helped write the Obummer Stimu-less Package that bilked the taxpayers out of almost $800 Billion so far.

But there is some good news___

This radical Marxist's (Obama) Administration is still getting a free pass from the main stream media, led by the Cheerleaders from MSNBC and other General Electric outlets. But the word is getting out, thanks to folks at the Drudge Report:


and of course the chief thorn in Obama's side, Glenn Beck:

Beck has been giving a full report of Barry's "Czars" and their checkered past on both his highly rated radio talk show, and on his 5PM EST show on Fox News Television....the guy is public enemy #1 in the eyes of the American Left and their lap dog supporters in the MSM. What really pisses them off is the fact that Beck's TV Show, despite being not in prime time, is kicking the shit out of the other news networks prime time shows---COMBINED!

Wake Up America!!! Some of you are, and Obama's poll numbers are falling like a rock in water, the rest of you that care, need to pull your heads out of your collective asses.

And this Jar Head gets it right at a Washington State Town hall Meeting___

You gotta love this disabled Marine Veteran, and the way he gives it to this left wing Congressman, who called the town hall protesters, "Brown Shirts"

So, yep I lied about giving up political rants...but I believe in life you have to do what you believe is right, even if nobody is listening....so the politics will stay a part of this blog, more or less. I will continue to look back at my time in Vietnam some 40 years ago. I will continue to report on my mundane life and what is going on in it, and I will continue to bash Obama and his Marxist henchman for all that it's worth whenever I get the chance, or have something I believe important to say.

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Photos-"Don't Tread On Us" This old flag is coming back and the Revolution is on the Horizon.(2)Matt Drudge and Glenn Beck, 2 voices in dissent in the vast world of Obama Lap Dogs in the Media


Sarge Charlie said...

Glenn is doing a yoman's job on OB, not sure he will live through it.

PRH....... said...

He is for sure on The Messiah's Most Wanted list Sarge....I'm sure his lemmings like Matt-Man have already turned in folks like us for daring to say things against the chosen one.

Deborah Wilson said...

I was going to come up here tonight and post a "yeah right!" in reference to you not ranting about politics anymore...And I was right..:)

I don't think it's possible to keep quiet - if all people did that, these town hall meetings, tea parties, etc... would not have had any effect - the people's voices would not have been heard.

I haven't said very much so far but I'm keeping track - and right now, I have a long list of grievances - not only of D.C., but a few organizations, namely the SPLC, and more than a few clowns who like to do stuff just because they think that they can get away with it.

The Obama Health Care Plan is unconstitutional - not to mention immoral - and I fully expect my State to reject it for Georgia citizens as I understand one or two other states are planning to reject - it's the right thing to do.