Thursday, November 1, 2007

5 years later

On election day 2002 the GOP had it made....GW Bush had his mandate, the Republicans actually made gains in an off year election, things looked good for the "Grand Ol Party"....of course there was that nasty little war in Iraq, you know, the one where our troops had to play by the rules? Kind of like Vietnam, the enemy(all of Islam as far as I'm concerned) could blow themselves and anyone within shouting distance up....but the good ol boys from the US of A had to play by those stupid know the ones...Don't blow up mosques, don't torture terrorists, don't piss on their stinking Koran, follow the rules and let the war drag on...but why worry? George and Congress spending like drunken sailors didn't help either and....all of a sudden it's 2006, and the GOP is out of power, and Bush is a dead duck in we are just 12 months away from a complete and total downfall of the Republic.....Hillary for President, laughable just a couple of years ago....Not any longer gang....The Iron Dyke is set to ascend to her rightful(in the eyes of the lemming liberals) throne, and the United States of America is on the verge of becoming a 3rd world shithole. The economy will collapse as sure as I sit here with a bad back.....if I'm still kicking in 18 months...remind me to re post this...because if I am wrong, I will admit it with glee.....but I'm not, and I won't.

End of today's non-paid political comment............


November has never been my favorite month....October with it's usually nice and dry weather has passed...winter is growling at the door, Rain, the Holiday season, gaining weight, and all the other nasty stuff is just around the corner. Not that the Christmas season is's just that it brings a unwelcome weight gain, and even more unwelcome weather(depending on what part of the country you reside). Add that to the fact that it's five full months until baseball season kicks off and a hint of warmer cigar smoking, cold beer drinking weather is back.

This winter of course I have something else to work towards....getting my back-back into shape, and how to do it.....another trip to the chiropractor today...but with the disk problem, I don't think this will be the final friend Garry's wife is a nurse, and Lisa was telling me about some non-invasive treatments/surgery that they are now using. They require an injection of a flexible compound into the spine/disk area that is shot...guess it's time to do some research...Hell in this day and age, anything is possible.

lol....Sam, the oldest son, gets himself a speeding ticket a couple of weeks ago, returning a RV from Dallas to Indiana...he gets picked up in Oklahoma for 65 in a 45 zone...$125 fine and a month to pay...he just comes in the house and and he tosses the stamps back in the computer desk......."There, that takes care of those assholes........." I look and say...."How many stamps did you use to send that money order?".... "One" is the answer...I tell him to look again...the stamps are from and old collection of 37 cents flag, back to the post office to try and retrieve the court destined envelope from the PO....."he says, why the Hell do you have those in there/" answer...."remember, those are the ones you had in your car glove box for the past few years and tossed them in there"......SILENCE IS GOLDEN.....
And as Sam comes back in the door.... his payment is already through the shute and gone...O' well I'm sure the Caney Oklahoma Clerk of Courts will be glad to pay the 4 cent postage due....NOT!

Just another day in the life.................
{photos of October leaves becoming November leaves, and Sam's infamous 37 cents stamp}


BRUNO said...

Unfortunately, I have to agree with you, and your "rant". And, just as unfortunate, I don't see much of a threat from the Republican party at all. I mean, I'm sorry, but Fred Thompson AIN'T AND NEVER WILL COME CLOSE, to a Ronald Reagan! Don't think that'll EVER happen!

I had a great deal of respect for Reagan, both during and after his time in office. He was a leader that you DID NOT call his bluff on!

That quote you use at the bottom of your mailings---I love that one! The man had "communication" down to a fine art, indeed!

Buck Pennington said...

...the United States of America is on the verge of becoming a 3rd world shithole.

Well... in a word, no. Not even close. We survived four years of Jimmuh and eight years of another flavor of Clinton. If push does come to shove, we'll survive four years of Her Hillaryness. But I wouldn't count on Her Hillaryness winning. We'll see what we'll see, but IF she's the Dem nominee I think she'll get her clocked rightly cleaned. NO one else has anything near the negatives that woman has.

Just sayin'.

pat houseworth said...

I hope you're right Buck, but when I travel these roads, I don't have a lot of faith in the American voters....Old time Democrats, like my mom's family, and she knows only because I'm around to tell her ;) don't know what their party has become....and the Republicans have become what we would have called liberals back in the 60s....time will tell.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Yea, I think she might win, but it'll be ok. Hell, we survived Carter, and the piss off he gave the country gave us 8 years of Reagan and the end of the cold war. There's always a silver lining. Just can't see it this time, the prospects bein' so bleak. Hope to God Fred kicks it into high gear soon.