Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Lying World of the Main Stream Press

Being a right wing kind of guy, it always amazes me how stupid the Republican Party has become....while our resident American Socialist Party(Democrats) and their "We hate America First" followers refuse to debate on Fox, because of the FNS perceived "right wing bias"....the dupes in the GOP gladly go on the CNN/You Tube debates and become fodder for "plants" in the audience asking simple minded questions that any real conservative would laugh at....sorry to say there are no "real" conservatives in the GOP race and the boys gladly answers questions from a "union moll" claiming to be an independent working mother....and to top that off, CNN takes a "rump ranger" retired full bird and half assed one star reserve General, trying to get the debaters to bite on his bid to let perverts(yes folks, queers are perverts, take it or leave it) come out of the closet and serve in drag....OK, OK, maybe I'm a little overboard there, but really not far off the mark...the goal of the radical fags is to make their perversions seem "normal".....sorry guys, it's not...I could care less what you do behind closed doors, but don't try sticking it in my face The military job is to kill people and win wars, not make some sick statement on society.

Bottom line is, the Republican Party, my former party, is making me least with the Democrats, we know they hate us, and hate the country.....they tell you right up front....meanwhile, the GOP keeps throwing shit, and hoping it will stick.

Here is the Fox story on last night's phony debate with photo of Old General Brown Eye himself:


Went and got the MRI at Mercer County Hospital today...about 45 minutes long....and a boat load of "images" to drag off to Fort Wayne next week....lucky for us most of this is covered by insurance....the MRI alone has to be big $....not sure I want to know. Meanwhile the back stays the same.....8 weeks this weekend, so I say it's time to get with the program and see what can be done.

Greenville tomorrow for a couple hours filling in.
Two local teams Coldwater 13-1 and Marion Local 14-0 play tomorrow(Marion), and Saturday(Coldwater) in the state finals in Divisions 4 and 5 respectfully....Coldwater's only loss was early to ML...both play teams from Youngstown....Marion will win I am confident, Coldwater has a much tougher assignment, Youngstown Cardinal Mooney, a team they defeated 2 years ago....a team that hasn't lost since....and is looking for for revenge.

Good Luck to both.....

Big college football weekend as well....Ohio State hoping that either West Virginia(not much chance) or Missouri(fair chance) loses to send them back to the National Championship game in January. If that fails, it's off to Pasadena and the Rose Bowl...not a bad consulation game.
photos{Fox and the rest...Fox may have to much fluff and blondes...but compared to the marxist rot put out by the's far and above the best}


~Fathairybastard~ said...

I'm standin' here at work, givin' a test, waitin' for all these folks to finish up and get the hell out of here so I can go to a friends house and watch what's left of the Dallas/Geen Bay game. Last word I had it was 3-0 GB.

Do you think anyone in the country is dumb enough to think that guy wasn't as plant? And what a typical liberal issue he brings up. Does this mean Hillery is gonna do more than Bill did for gays in the military.

Oh shit. Mom just called (she's listening to the game on the radio) and it's 20-10 Dallas. Woohoo! Friggin GB will probably throw a long bomb and win it with 10 seconds to go. Bastards.

Anyway, you know were all rootin' for you with the back issues man. Enjoy your weekend.

GUYK said...

The way I look at it if the GOP was dumb enough to accept the offer from CNN then they deserved every damn thing they got..CNN is know for its twisting of news and hatred for the USA and especially the GOP. And I am not that crazy about google even if my blog is a google long as it is free I will take it..but unlike the dim-a-crits I don't demand that it be free..

Anonymous said...

I've been a Republican all my adult life, but I feel little or no ethusiasm for the party today.

Buck Pennington said...

MRIs are expensive. Been there, done that, was frickin' shocked at what it cost. I don't remember the exact dollar figure as it's been nearly ten years ago, but I DO remember being glad as Hell I didn't have to pay for it.

Once again, I hope you're near the end of this ordeal, Pat.