Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Election Day/Dartball Results/Cigars and TV

Election Day 2007.....EEEE-Ha!

This one is a big Who Cares?....5 running for 3 School (Bored) Board Spots....5 running for 3 City Council Spots.....3 left wing tax and spenders, the guy that sold me my house, who owns a local plumbing and heating shop, and a guy I worked with years ago at Huffy Bikes....toss em' in a hat...and pull 3 names out I say.

Also a State of Ohio issue, voting yes gives money back to the locals for their enforcement of state mandated anti porn material and locations....I know all about state mandates, they killed the local Health Departments with them....so I checked yes on that one.....might as well give the money to Celina and Mercer County as opposed to those diversified shitholes Cleveland and Dayton.....get the Idea I'm in a pissed off mood?

The final issue, my favorite.....a 1/2% sales tax increase to fund a new jail...if that SOB doesn't go down like Monica on bent dick Billy Clinton, I will be both shocked and pissed off even more...."But it's only 1/2%' they(the local commissioners and Deputy Dog the Sheriff )... say, what they don't realize, or don't care is...those 1/2% increases add up. As for the New Jail to replace our old county jail.....instead of 15 cells with the poor low lifes having to live in tiny spaces...we would now give them and the Sheriffs Office new digs at only a few million dollars, funded for 15 years, or until death does us part....the new jail would have 100 spacious cells we could rent out when not full...got news, in a county of 40,000 where the majority of the population is white and German Catholic....we don't need 100 stinking cells...and if we do, something is rotten in Mendon. Anyway, that one got a big NO and I expect it to fail.....if not, what the Hell? What's a few more pennies on my six packs?

OK, got that off my chest....now I can go into my Christian mode, and talk Dartball League.....St Johns Lutheran won all 3 games against Bethany United last night...but we really sucked, especially one team captain and RBI and Batting leader....my back is better, but the left hip is taking the pain, and threw off my shots...at least that's my excuse...went 0 for 9 before hitting a triple and a single my last 2 at bats, giving me a sterling .182 batting average and one RBI...mind you this is from someone who has averaged .423 and 52 RBIs a season the past decade....no wonder I am in a sour mood....

My Cigars came in though, so that helps....Sam is on his 2nd consecutive trip to the Salt Lake City area...flew into Chicago last night, took the bus to Elkhart, picked up another and is in Iowa at this hour...hoping he will make it back by Friday....the wind is kicking up though, which cuts into the gas mph and profit.....

Now I'm feeling much better...but if you think this off year election gets to me...wait until next fall.....it won't be pleasant.


Some of my broadcasting was done full time for a few years, but mostly part time on radio, from the years between 1978 and 2002. I did however, manage to get my mug on the boob tube for a few years from 1981 through 1993...doing local news, high school sports play-by-play, and a talk show called Newse7en Magazine on the local Cable Station in Van Wert, Ohio, (town where I was born, and where I worked my last 12 years at the Health Department before retiring)...it was pretty much fluff and slouck. But we had a fan base, especially for sports. As News and Sports Director, it got me into plenty of Sporting Events, including the famous -60 below zero AFC Championship game at Cincinnati vs San Diego in January 1982...where I watched beer in plastic cups freeze to ice in the "heated" press box.

I also got to meet many celebs and interview same....in my years in radio and TV I had interviews with George Bush(one) , Ronald Reagan, and Teddy Kennedy, at Dodge City....Governors of Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, and Kansas, Senator Pat Roberts of Kansas, before he was in Congress, he was an congressional aid back in 1980....and plenty of sports celebs...including Pete Rose(see yesterday's post), Sweet Lou Pinella after the Reds won the World Series in 1990(see photo), my favorite owner Marge Schott of the Reds...the rest of the media hated her, but I didn't, because she was just like me, she said what was on her mind, screw the political correctness....God rest old Marge's soul....(photo is me and Marge in 1994)...Johnny Bench, Pee Wee Reese, Joe Nuxhal, and every swinging jock who played in Cincinnati or Cleveland that you can name in the late 20th century....That's why I do not look up to these folks...because after all, they really are not that much different that you and me......famous yes, but just people...some good, some assholes, but just folks.

{Me doing the weather on Cable 7 about 1990, as you can tell, our graphics back then were not exactly "state of the arts"..and also me and Lou, me and Marge......}


~Fathairybastard~ said...

Wow, that's a cool set of celebs you got to rub shoulders with. And your take on the propositions on the ballot sounded a lot like out choices here today. I think I voted for about half of them, and ditched the others. Glad you're feelin' better, and I got some new Macs recently myself. Damn things are sealed in glass tubes. High class. Maybe one of these days we'll get to share a few. Take care man.

pat houseworth said...

Will post election results today....a mixed bag, but the Jail is going to pass....out of 8500 votes it leads by 70...with 160 provisional votes to count....amazing how easy it is for folks to toss their hard earned money away to tax and spenders.

BRUNO said...

"some good, some assholes, but just folks."----I LOVE that one! And it's true as hell!

I liked the "Christian-Mode", too! Amazing how we suddenly start to consider ourselves "programmable-machines" now. Damned broadband.....!