Monday, November 12, 2007

The Weekend and the Toy Hauler

Yesterday was damp and down right fall like, rained most of the day...Saturday was not bad, except the Ohio State Buckeyes fell to a mediocre Illinois team, knocking the Bucks out of the National Championship game....but as any Ohio State(or Michigan) fan knows....the season rests on Beating Michigan and winning the Big 10, the trip to the Rose Bowl(or BCS) is icing on the seasonal cake. 64 and sunny is on slate for today, with rain by tonight.

Michigan Week is here....Go Bucks!

Working on some new exercises for the back....Saturday was "almost" normal, well as close as I've been in over a month....yesterday with the damp weather was a little worse, but the small workouts I gleaned off the internet seem to be working....tomorrow I make one more trip to the Chiropractor, probably my last, until after Thanksgiving, then I will reevaluate the situation.

Worked in Greenville this morning, and again tomorrow....then time for a haircut. Wednesday and Thursday I will head over to the other side of the state, Akron, for a conference pertaining to my position with residential services...I'm on the Mercer Residential Board of Directors, a non-profit organization serving families and individuals with mental disorders....a project close to home for me and my wife, who has been a Special Education teacher for many years....since we have a daughter, Anissa, with special needs, we try to stay involved as much as possible. Anyway the Executive Director and I are heading east a couple of hundred miles...making it easier, Garry , the director, and I both officiate football and umpire baseball...and have been beer drinking buddies for a number of years, coached baseball with each other and against one another as I'm sure we will partake in a few on Wednesday night.....will be home late Thursday, then head to Columbus Friday with my brother Mike, who needs his mending broken leg looked at at the VA Clinic down that way......a busy week.

Sam left Saturday night for Ocala, Florida, with a "Toy Hauler"...the photos show the 40 foot front engine Diesel rig....these things go for about $200,000, and have a upper bunk bed, 4 flat screen TVs, and nice stereo system, couple of sleeper couches, kitchen, bath room, and about 15 foot of rear end ramp and storage for motorcycles, ATVs, a Jeep, or whatever you want to haul.......a little pricey for my taste, but folks do but them. Sam will drop that one off around 1 this afternoon, stay with a friend, and fly from Orlando to South Bend......
Off for a walk to the Board Meeting........about 20 minutes each way. Dartball tonight, hopefully I will do better than last week, funny part is though, as bad as we played, we are the only undefeated team(out of 8 in the league) left...just one week into the season.


Anonymous said...

My wife is certified in special ed. My son is dyslexic, she got started in the field by helping him with reading. Glad things are going ok there.

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

That rig is one solid gold MONSTER, I've never seen anything like it before - like you say, it's a bit pricey for our pockets, but I sure wouldn't mind a week or two playing with one!

Glad the pain is not as excrutiating as it has been, I'll keep my fingers crossed this continues. And it's wonderful you take the time to oversee what happens on the board of special needs. In my experience, we can never have enough parents who really know what goes down, lobbying for our kids. ((Hugs to you and yours))

BRUNO said...

So, in other words, until MAYBE Friday, you ain't got time to s---, I mean, DEFECATE!

But ya' wouldn't have it any other way, would ya'???

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Wow, that thing looks cool as hell. It'd be a trip fer sure to go cross country in one of those.

We just got back from the rock, and one of the families we are always there with have a special needs kid. Deaf, and a few other things. She gets around the rock just like everyone else.

Buck Pennington said...

You certainly ARE busy. Pat, especially considering the back ain't where you want it to be just yet. The news is encouraging, however...I hope it keeps getting better...and better... looks like I could put the Miata and the bike in the back of that rig and still have a bit of space left over! But you're right: $200K is a bit pricey. If'n I was gonna drop that much money in one place it wouldn't be on one of those things.