Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Election Results

Well I go my usual 50% on election day....2 of 3 City Council members win, and 1 of 3 school board members....the bad one appears to be the TAJ MAHAL...aka New County Jail is going to pass....with 100% of almost 11,000 votes in, the yes we want our criminals to have cushy facilities crowd leads by 70 votes....there are 160 provisional votes to count...but I doubt if 117 or so of those will be it looks like our sales tax will see another increase, and a multi-million $ palace will be built...right next to the county home and the school and workshop for the mentally retarded and handicapped.....since I have a daughter that goes to "Cheryl Ann Workshop", and I'm on the board for Residential Services, this does not sit well...but it appears the voters have spoken, and we will live with it.....

Fall is in the air, and with winds, clouds, and below freezing temps, if feels about right for early back was feeling pretty good this morning, then "after" the chiropractor worked on feels worse, go figure. Have to say, I am surviving this and hopeful that surgery, laser or otherwise, can be avoided......we will see how the holidays and upcoming travels treat me and it.


Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with that Sheriff from Arizona, who pitched tents out in the desert and told the inmates, "here you go, boys, get settled in."

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Whoa! What a handsome couple you two make! Lovely pics..

We only have one prison on the island and as it's full, they have to wait 'til someone is released before they can send anyone else down! A new one has been built and is almost ready. A gardener I know has been employed up there planting bulbs and trees for over six months, full time. Each cell has it's own en-suite and tv, and is self-contained. I wouldn't mind the odd week in there myself..

pat houseworth said...

As a former Air Force "Cop" I have no problem with treating your weekend drunks and non-felons with decent accomadtions...but in a small county like ours, what they are asking for is "overboard", and to put it next to the folks with mental and physical handicaps is IMO, just wrong.

But it appears that the voters have spoken, and that is what we will go with.

BRUNO said...

Us "local-jackasses", not too many years ago, used to make wisecracks about our new county jail---how with the carpeting, in-lounge TV, central air, heat, etc. We didn't think we'd ever see the day that jail got to be more lavish than most of us "free" citizens currently live in---damned if it didn't!!!

But, I still have something the jails don't---TREES! And I can walk IN among them, and OUT again, as I please---YET!!!

(Watching my "back-door" for land developers...!)

Buck Pennington said...

It's strange that you feel worse after visiting the chiropractor, Pat. I've never seen one (professionally), even with my history of back problems.

About that jail... I have serious mixed emotions about spending all the money we do in that area. Beginning with the fact that the USofA has the highest per capita prison population in the industrialized world, and higher than that of a lot of Third World countries. Why the Hell is that? Oops. I feel a rant coming on, and this is YOUR blog, not mine! ;-)