Monday, November 19, 2007

Weekend Wrap-Up

Another weekend by the board, Ohio State defeats Michigan, Hal home for the holiday break from Wright State, me deciding what to do with my back...etc, pretty much a routine November weekend, the last one before the unofficial "Christmas Holiday" season begins.... between now and early January 2008 we are in the holiday season mode.

Dartball at Rockford Methodist tonight, they are 5 and 1 we are 4 wins 2 loses, me, a lifetime .400 hitter, sitting with a rather pathetic .150 batting average and just 1 run batted in.....I may just keep score tonight, the back that seemed to be getting better, is now back to where it was 5 or 6 weeks ago.....the chance of laser or some other type correction is looking more and more like the risk. Sam will be back from Chicago, so with him and Hal home to help out, I can afford to sit and keep score if needed.

Looks like snow may be on the way for our Wisconsin trip....making the run through the outskirts of Chicago all the more "fun"......we will take it one step at a time though.

I had mentioned in an earlier post(see August 31, 2007, blog) about the variety of jobs I had been involved in for the past 40+ years...of course my main one, and my college major involved Environmental Health work....I spent 20 years as a Registered Sanitarian and Environmental Health Director with both the Mercer and Van Wert County Health Departments.....Sanitarian is a glorified name for Jack of All Trades when it comes to inspecting various licensed programs for the local and state health departments.

Food establishments, water, sewer, air, rabies, housing, mobile home parks, campgrounds, are among the programs are required to inspect and/or addition you have to be the "yard police"...telling folks to clean the mess the Hell up. For some reason this required a degree in either Biology or Environmental Health and a License to perform the duties.....Bureaucratic Bullshit I called it, but it paid the bills for 20 years, and hey, it was better than busting one's ass. Plus you only spent and hour or 2 in the office, the rest of the day was spent out in the field.

One interesting complaint we received was by a family in Van Wert that were forced out of their home by a "strange gas" smell. The husband ended up in the hospital, and the family claiming no action by the city, called the various news media outlets. Bottom line was, the health department and local safety director were called out....great stuff, we got to dress up like "Men on the Moon" to check out the place(reminded me of the guys in "Ghost Busters"). After checking out the place with all kinds of meters and consulting with the Ohio EPA, we ran some checks and sent samples off to the labs..........about two weeks later, we found out what the strange deadly smell was.....The idiot husband hand mixed ammonia and chemical toilet cleaners and drain cleaners together to clear up the plugged toilet bowl....What a dumbass!

Lucky the whole damn family wasn't wiped 2 decades I can truly say, I met many dip sticks, and this fool was right at the top of the list.

photos{me and Rick McCoy, the Men from Mars, and my RS License, what a bargain for $75 plus 18 hours of classes each year}


~Fathairybastard~ said...

Cool story.

Man, I used to hear some wild stuff from cops when I worked at the country club in Ft. Worth back in the late '80s. They'd all moonlight at the country club one week a year, working security during the tournament. One dudes regular job was picking up dead bodies. Talked about neighbors smelling things and they'd go in and look everywhere and the person will have hung themself on the hook on the back of the door. Wild stuff.

Some dude jumped off the University Street bridge into the trinity river, downtown, and went strait down into the water and got lodged in the mud. Thick level of old industrial sludge at the bottom of that thing, and the rivers not too deep ether. Swam in it once myself.

Anyway, the dumb bastard got stuck in the mud and drowned, but when he started to decompose, his body filled with gasses, he eventually worked his way out of the mud and popped up like a cork. Sacared the piss out of the folks that were toolin' around there in the little paddle boats.

Haven't thought of that shit in ages.

Buck Pennington said...

...mixed ammonia and chemical toilet cleaners and drain cleaners together to clear up the plugged toilet bowl...What a dumbass!

Methinks there's MANY more than a few such dumbasses out there...

BRUNO said...

People don't realize what kinda "cocktail" all that stuff mixed will make, until it's too late! Yeah, Buck's right---there are PLENTY more of 'em out there!

Me---if I can't beat it through with the "turd-sucker", it's time to break-out the ol' drain snake!