Friday, November 16, 2007

Joe Nuxhall dies at 79

Yesterday we get that scumbag Barry Bonds indicted of steroid of the bad guys in baseball...this morning I wake up with a pain in my back, another #2 football team(Oregon) losing out on it's opportunity to play for the national championship, and sadly an old acquaintance of mine passes on.

For those that have never heard of Joe Nuxhall, I'll do the short story...."The Ol' Left Hander" as he was called played for 16 years in the majors, 15 of those with the Reds, he was also the color voice of the Reds on radio for over 30 years, teaming with Hall of Fame broadcaster Marty Breneman for most of those years, still working part-time this past season. Joe is up for selection in the broadcast wing of the HOF this winter, hopefully they will do the right thing and put Joe in Cooperstown.

Joe was the youngest player ever in Major League Baseball...he pitched his first game on June 14, 1944 with the Reds, and got hammered, giving up 6 runs in less than an inning...Joe was 15 years 10 months and 6 days old....nobody will break that record. In his career, Joe won 135 games lost 117 and had a 3.90 ERA....He also hammered 15 career home runs, he was a pretty good hitting pitcher.

I interviewed Joe on many occasions, drank a few beers with him and Tom Browning(another Reds pitcher, who tossed a perfect game about 20 years ago)....about all I can say about Joe has been said, he was a good man, a good broadcaster, and a tribute to his community of Hamilton, Ohio....God Bless you Joe, Rest in Peace.

JOE NUXHALL 1928-2007


Anonymous said...

I heard Barry Bonds lawyer on the radio today as I drove to work. He said it is a vast racist conspiracy to defame his noble and completely innocent client.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

God bless him. Guys like that are too few and far between. Thanks for sharing him with us.