Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Weekend

Saturday approaching 12 Noon...damn, the Buckeyes are on the Big Ten Network, and seeing we have Time-Warner, means no TV...will listen on the radio.....the two need to get there act together, guess I could go up town and watch at the Irish Pub with their dish....but I've got better things to do than sit in a bar and spend money watching's another nice sunny, but cool day, so I'll listen to Ohio State-Wisconsin, walk some for my back, and maybe partake in another cigar later in the afternoon.

Speaking of Cigars...took a couple of cigar related photos outback yesterday...a couple of portraits of a good MI Torpedo, my old St. Johns Leather Coat.....and a cold bottle of Becks Dark.
Looking out my front door
You may have heard of Mersman Tables:

Mersman was one of the largest table and furniture manufactures in the world...especially popular during the depression years, you can still find Mersman Tables on E-Bay and at auctions throughout the nation.....some bringing good value.

Mersman(which closed in the early 1990s) was/is located in Celina, Ohio, on the west side of Celina, and was Celina's largest employer for much of the 20th Century....Mersman and the Huffy Bicycle plant were the life blood of the Celina economy. Today both are sadly, gone. Well almost gone, Huffy has been transformed into a Crown affiliate that makes tow moters and forklifts...Mersman meanwhile sits in a ghostly manner right across the street from my house....the buildings are slowly coming down with grant monies and EPA will be a few years before it comes down...then the property is slated to house a pregnancy center for women in need, also on the plans are some so-called "middle income" and senior citizen housing...code words for Welfare Central. The later have been put on hold....myself, I will miss the old eye sore....will it increase my property value? Probably, but I don't plan on moving in this life the thing I see are increased property taxes.....

Anyway the old buildings make for some interesting photos taken from my garage and driveway.....


Buck Pennington said...

Anyway the old buildings make for some interesting photos taken from my garage and driveway.....

Few things in life are sadder than abandoned factories, when you think about all the people that used to make them living, breathing entities. There are many more than a few such scenes in Detroit, with more being added month by month. Too sad, really.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Those are great shots of the goods. And old factories always fascinated me. Would be cool to wander and see what we could find.

BRUNO said...

Good job of balancing that cigar! Must not have been any wind of consequence!

Yeah, I can see where you'll miss your daily "blast of the past". At least the new construction won't be right-up in your face---I hope!

Maybe now would be a good time to check your local building codes, for restrictions pertaining to 10-ft chain-link perimeter fencing?

Just kidding---MAYBE...!