Sunday, November 18, 2007

Remember the Snow Bowl?

A week that saw me spend two days sitting in conferences in Akron, one day in Columbus at the VA Clinic with brother Mike....and yesterday sitting and watching The Ohio State Buckeyes defeat hated rival Michigan by a 14-3 score.

The sitting, driving, and more sitting has not been kind to my back, as my chiropractor warned me.....the Thanksgiving trip to Oconomowoc this week probably won't help either......I look at laser surgery with an open mind....knowing, if nothing shakes out in the next few weeks, a decision will have to be made.....I won't go on like this unless I have to....I am way to active at my age to go down without looking at options. When I was in my early 40s I was stubborn, and waited out the problem for years, I no longer have the patience to do that...especially with new options to open back surgery.

Back to Greenville for a couple of days Monday and Tuesday, before the Wisconsin trip.

The Snow Bowl 1950__________

Nope, don't remember Michigan's 9-3 win over Ohio State at Columbus in November of 1950....I was only 20 months old, and not quite a fan back then. But even though it was a Buckeye loss, this game is legend in the "Greatest Rivalry in College Sports".

51,000 showed up for this Blizzard Game....and the Anti-War zealots brag about getting 15 or 20 thousand anti-American nutjobs to show up in drag for a rally in DC.....go figure?

Anyway, yesterday's game reminded me of Woody and Bo back in the 1970s when the Rivalry was a Hate-Hate defensive war...the past few years have seen lots of offense, with John Cooper stinking up the game for Ohio State as their coach, going 2 wins 10 losses and 1 tie.....Jim Tressel has changed that the past 7 seasons, going 6 wins only 1 loss, and 5 Big Ten titles, a National Championship and a runners up.

14-3 Buckeyes, with the Defense only giving up 90 yards all day....big mouth Mike Hart, who stuck around for his Senior year, just to beat OSU, should have went pro. Chris "Beanie" Wells went for 220 yards and 2 touchdowns in miserable weather....but DEFENSE was king.

Now being a Buckeye fan is a state of mind....I didn't go to Ohio State....I hung around Athens, Nelsonville(Hocking Tech) and Wright State....the wife has her BA and MA at Wright State, the youngest picks up his BA this winter, and goes for his MA at the same school(or University of Dayton) next fall.....but even while at Ohio University, almost everybody rooted for Ohio State....on OSU-Michigan day back in the 70s, they would move the time of the OU home games, because they knew we all would be sitting in the bars watching Ohio State-Michigan, rather than in the stands watching the Bobcats......yep, you don't need to be a OSU Alumni to root for the Buckeyes....being from Ohio is usually good enough, heck, I've even got buddies from North Dakota and Wisconsin who are hard core Ohio State fans......yes indeed, it is the king of College Rivalries.
photos(photos from the "Snow Bowl" of 1950 at Columbus}


BRUNO said...

I love a game in "inclimate-conditions"---especially MUD! Snow, and mud both---now THAT'S an experience! But I'm with you, on the matter of preferring college games, to pro---it just seems that the college teams "go for it" more, they've got a LOT more to gain for a good performance than a multi-mil contract.

Nope---I never went to college---too damned DUMB! But it don't stop me from dreamin' about what could've been! Especially when it comes to "foo-ball"!

By the way, here's a typical dumb question---are there any NCAA-teams that have indoor playing fields? Never seen a college game played indoors---but then I don't follow it that closely, either!

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pat houseworth said...

Bruno...Syracuse's plays indoor does Minnesota(but they will end that next year when their new outdoor digs open....other's play bowl games and some regular season games in...but I believe those are the only 2 regular teams(I hate indoor football)

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Yea, I love that old school stuff too. Mud and ice. You had me flashin' on the old "Ice Bowl" between Dallas and Green Bay. Mother fuckers!

Went to a party Friday night to celebrate a friend getting his BA here (he took a few of my classes a while back). Standing out on the porch, drinking, listening to them all go on and on about UTs chances, smirking. The host caught my look and they all started into me, but I cut it off by sayin' "Yea, and I know for a fact that not a one of you swingin' dicks has ever set foot on that campus!" Thay all laughed, and my buddy said something about maybe taking one class there some day so he can say he did.

Shit, it don't matter. Root for whoever the hell you want.