Friday, November 30, 2007

One Down One to Go!

One of the local county teams the Marion Local Flyers defeated Youngstown Ursuline today to win the Division 5 Ohio High School Football Championship....Marion(not to be confused with the city of Marion some 100 miles east)is a township school located about 7 miles south of Grand Lake and 10 miles from Celina. The 20-14 win over the big city Catholic school marks the 4th football championship since 2000...last year they won small school Division 6th, this year as the smallest school in Division 5 they take home the crown again.

Our family interest is twofold...they are local, and the youngest son Hal coaches many of the players in summer High School Baseball....Marion finishes 15 wins 0 loses.

Tomorrow in Division 4, Coldwater(same league as Marion) takes on nationally ranked Youngstown Cardinal Mooney...Mooney stands at 14-0, Coldwater 13-1, their only loss coming to league champion and the smaller Marion Local Flyer Squad.

Another Passing____________Evil Knievel died today at 69....the pop icon of the 70s sure beat the Hell out of his is amazing he lasted this long...I still remember watching him fail at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.....they still show that one in slow motion, with Evil breaking almost every bone in his body, and surviving.....kind of the pain I have felt of late....can not imagine putting your body through that.
Evil's Greatest Crash:
How bad would the back pain have been...???
PHOTOS....Flyers Football and the Great Pop Icon Evil K


~Fathairybastard~ said...

I bet that fucker died peacefully in his bed. I hope he did. Amazing. He was the coolest.

BRUNO said...

I guess you could say the Caesar's Palace jump was the ultimate in much a human body should NOT have to endure---and come out ALIVE!

Didn't he use Harley's exclusively for his jumps? I've also heard he used to own several Honda dealerships---is that ironic, or not?

Hell, I used to "draw-up" when I seen a snake crossin' the road if front of me---let alone jumpin' over sharks! Man had balls, alright!

Maybe---provided he hadn't torn them off at his previous jump...!

Anonymous said...

I saw that this weekend. Seems like everybody is dieing these days. Won't be many people from my life time left if this keeps up.

Anonymous said...

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