Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Birthdays, Robins, and Snow Flurries

Happy Birthday Anissa! 2/17/1979
Light snow continued overnight....all games in the area were cancelled last night, making about a half dozen for me in the past 2 weeks....Schools closed yesterday, we, at least in Mercer County, delayed 2 hours this morning. I'm not sure they should have even opened then...the roads are pretty bad, and some light drizzle began falling in the 25 degree temperatures. So Patricia and her fellow teachers are back in class...for 3/4 day, then she heads to Cincinnati tomorrow for a scheduled assignment, education related. This morning we got up early and would meet Anissa, her roommate, and her main provider Dawn, at Bob Evans Restaurant, in celebration of Anissa's 31st Birthday. As I've mentioned before, Anissa, born in 1979, is our Special Needs daughter...she has moved into a house with a roommate and independent living of sorts, that she seems to really enjoy, so much in fact, on the weekend times she spends here, she is more than ready to go back to "Her House". This is good, because we all know and realize, that someday in the future Patricia and I won't be around or if we are, won't be able to provide solid care for her. I still worry about her future however, especially in the "enlightened world" of the progressive they would love to destroy the lives of folks like Anissa and Sarah Palin's son Treg, all in the name of 'compassion'. Filthy rotten bastards, that is exactly what Barack Obama and his ilk are....they need to be watched and stopped at every turn.

With the games cancelled last night, I'm down to a game Thursday, 3 on Saturday, and a couple of contests next week....then the basketball season, for me, is finished. With that out of the way, I can concentrate on Baseball!~The postponed first local meeting comes tonight at Van Wert. I still need to work in a State Rules Meeting in the next couple of weeks....probably with Sam down at Dublin, the same as we did last year.....with a full Varsity Baseball schedule, I'm ready for some Spring weather, and to get outdoors. Sad to say, the extended forecast for the next couple of weeks does not seem to predict any springlike temps for us, anytime soon.

Maybe some more substantial stuff on the way later....but frankly I'm bored as Hell with snow and winter, and all it brings.

Last night a dozen or so Robins were seen in the back yard around the feeder....they were still hanging around this morning with a pair of Cardinals...probably "thinking"...What the Hell? It's breeding time, isn't it?

back later

Photos-Anissa and me at the Hospital in February 1979, and Anissa these days. Particia and I drove our way through the "gloming" through Celina, past the snow on the Court House lawn, on our way to meet Anissa and friends at Bob Evans for Breakfast....and one of the dozen or so Robins that visited our yard last night and today....I'm afraid they are going to have to wait if they are looking for worms.


Anonymous said...

You know how I feel about folks like Annisa, Gods Special Children. Glad she is liking her new home.
We just returned from cleaning up the after effects of last nite's VT win with Wake Forest . With the win VT is assured at least a place in the Big Dance, the poor ladies as usual arent going anywhere , so after two lady's games next week and two men's games the following week along with a cleaning for a Special Olympics event on the 28th cleaning at VT for the Winter will be Fini, thk God .

Looking forward to the trip there if the weather co operates . Lets keep our fingers crossed on that one , sam

PRH....... said...

Let's hope the weather is good Sam, looks like a good crowd for the Reunion.

The extended forecast around March 1st is looking better, nothing great, but at least 40s and rain instead of snow.

Deborah Wilson said...

Happy Birthday, Anissa!

FHB said...

Denise introduced me to Bob Evans the first time she took me to KY. Good stuff.

And happy birthday to your daughter.

Try to enjoy the snow. I wish we'd had some.