Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Job!

When I signed off the blog yesterday, the predicted snow had not was late in arriving. The winds however had picked up by 2pm and by 3 o'clock games were getting cancelled, not only for last night, but today and tonight as well...It says we have had somewhere between 8 and 12 inches, with near 14'" in Darke County, just to Mercer Counties south...the truth be known, whether 8, 12, or 14" it is the wind that is the making this "Level 3" Emergency a bummer.....35-40 miles per hour out of the Northeast, is causing havoc, and cancelling just about everything scheduled. Of course despite our "blizzard" of sorts, we have nothing compared to what they are getting in Maryland, Philadelphia, Delaware, and the DC Metro....24-30 inches have been reported in some areas.

Patricia dug, and I got the snow blower out for a few minutes this morning...just enough of a path for Anissa to be dropped off for the weekend. Other than that there was no reason to continue...the wind is still way too strong to keep the drive and sidewalks clear.

So, I've been wiped out of games this weekend, as has everybody else withing shouting distance...1(a Freshman game) will be made up at Wapak next Friday, before the JV game, so I'll do a double dip for that one....the other contests will be lost in the batch of multiple contests that will need to be made up sometime, somewhere...

Photos of the buried 1977 Buick and other yard shots are the best I can do...until I venture out further.

back later>>>>


United Citizens Council said...

Stay warm. Break out the board games. Find a good book. Make some soup.

About the best advice I can think of.

Deborah Wilson said...

Man! Good pics, but I'd rather not have any snow...

Here, it has rained and rained and rained - it did snow for about 30 minutes earlier today but it is way too warm for it to stick.

Yep, UCC gave the best advice, just stay warm.

In a few weeks spring will be here.