Friday, February 19, 2010

Hello Mister Sunshine?/Joe Stack/US Muslim Terrorist Troops

The 'shortest' month of the year February, usually seems pretty long in this part of the world, because of the dreary weather...and this year, it has been excruciatingly so. Not much sunshine to speak of, until a couple of hours yesterday. As I was heading to Lima Central Catholic for a Girls JV game, the sun was bright and the inside thermometer in the Intrepid read "32"....about as good as it has been of late. However this morning, the sun, only slightly blocked by some ground fog, came out early...and is expected to last the entire day, high around freezing again, the weekend promises some more snow showers, but the main stuff is slated(and least for now) to bypass Celina and vicinity.
Tonight, no games for me...the first Friday I've been without a game since New Year's Day....pulling a shoulder muscle last night, I can use the break. The break won't last long...tomorrow 3 games, 2 around Noontime at Crestview in a Boys Junior High contest, then tomorrow night I suit up for a Boys JV Contest at Allen East High School. Next week will see my final games, and I can concentrate on getting ready for baseball season.

I didn't get done with our basketball last night in time to drive across Lima to Bath Township for the State Rules Meeting(Baseball), so I'll probably hook up with Sam at Dublin in a couple of weeks to get that mandated meeting in...Dublin Jerome High School is where we went last season, so I'll make it 2 in a row down that way.

Damn, did I mention my shoulder hurts?

The World as it is______

Yesterday brought 2 news items to mind that make me think....So? I have been telling you all along, that Islam is pure evil, and the nuts of the far left(in this case) and the far far right both have the same end in mind, that end being destroying the Republic.

Texas Plane Crash-----

53 year old Joe Stack killed himself and one innocent person yesterday by fying his small plane into a Texas building housing the IRS:

This crazy bastard not only hated the IRS(no problem there), his wife, George W. Bush, the Catholic Church, Wall Street, etc, etc, appears he hated everything, one pathetic warped bastard. The left is claiming he was a Right Wing Nut, the right is claiming he's a Left Wing Loon....Nut? Loon?, yep, I say both fit.

One thing for long as the Government continues to grow and try to control every facuet in our everyday lives, people like Joe Stack are going to "go off".

Islam in the US Military-----

Should those Americans that practice Islam be allowed to serve in the US Military? IMO... NO!

The events at Fort Hood, and now at a base in South Carolina prove, you cannot seperate the radicals Islamics from the everyday Islamics...if the Muslims cannot clean up their own radicals, the nation is at risk:

As long as we coddle the radical Muslims, the more they will infiltrate the infrastructure of the Government and the US Military.....The Political Correct forces that control the country and even the Military are putting all of us in danger. It must stop.

Enough ranting...chores to do, work out the pain in the shoulder, and enjoy some sunshine.....

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Photos-Sunshine is a rare commodity these days in West Central Ohio, I snapped this one this morning out my Landing Window. And Crazy Joe Stack killed himself and one other person by flying his plane into a downtown Austin, Texas, building.


The Hermit said...

I'm not sure there is any such thing as an "innocent" person who works at the IRS. It's like being the guy who works in the office at the concentration camp. Maybe all you do is type handwritten lists of people to send to the "showers", but by doing it you are part of the overall evil. I read his "manifesto" and the last page of it just about anyone who detests the government could have written.

FHB said...

Yea, he was a nut. I started hearin' about it as soon as I got in the car and started drivin' from Florence to Saba. It had happened about a half hour earlier.

The "manifesto" is all over the map, but my read has him as a lefty techy, pissed off at the gov't because his bills aren't gettin' paid by someone else.

Anonymous said...


PRH....... said...

FHB...he was without a doubt a lefty, who happened to hate the IRS(who doesn't?)....funny how the left wing media and talking heads at the NY Times are trying to claim that he's Tea Party type. He wasn't!