Friday, February 5, 2010

tick...tick...tick Waiting on the Snow

It was supposed to start snowing around this area about 7am far, just a spot of freezing drizzle. South then east is slated to get the Real Snow, and frankly I'm not convinced that we are going to get hammered with the 7 to 9 inches they say we are in store for...Mercer County is on the northern most edges of the predicted "White Death". Sam in Columbus and Hal in Dayton are more likely to get hammered and those area are not as well equipped for the big we will see what shakes out.

I'm scheduled to officiate a game at Allen East High School tonight, the school is located east of Lima, about 55 miles from Celina...that may or may not happen. Tomorrow 2 games are on the agenda, a morning Freshman game at Wapak, and a boys JV contest at 6pm at Lima Perry...those are in doubt as well.

The ground is pretty well bare from snow at this hour....the next 24 will tell if I need to fire up the snow blower, for only the second time this winter season.

That's about it for now....some "chores" around the house, and then off to do basketball, if the games are played.

back later>>>>
Photo-Snow like we saw in the Blizzard of 78? I think far the early stages of the storm have fizzed, the weekend will tell the real story.


United Citizens Council said...

Here's hoping for clear weather for you guys!

BTW- partly cloudy and around 55 degrees here in North Texas.

PRH....... said...

The snow has started, cancelling our games for tonight and tomorrow, but I don't see a big blizzard storm. It appears that will be east of us.

Ed said...

I feel you pain. It was only 62 here today, but bright, and breezy on the beach. Stay warm, spring will be here before you know it. You know, with global warming and everything.