Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Mundane Monotony/Political Cannibalism

The weather remains much the same, although no snow flakes this morning...after a partial day back at school yesterday, Patricia and a couple of fellow teachers headed for Cincinnati this morning in the dark(about 6am) for something to do with Special Education...frankly she told me, but it appears to went right over my head. Such is the way of mid winter...February has been one long month, although on the calender, it says only 28 days, the shortest of all months.

Garry and I headed north to Van Wert last evening, taking in our first Local Baseball Rules meeting, it mostly consisted of a video refresher test...quick clips of video situations and play, then you make the call by choosing one of 3 answers...I missed 6 of 25, normally I wouldn't be pleased, but seems I came in near the top, at least top 3 or 4, and won myself a new plate brush...needed one anyway, I think Garry missed 5 or 6 as well. As I said, the "test" consisted of some video plays/calls, and they ran by quick...hummm, just like a real game, maybe I'm not as good as I think? :) Anyway, home by 9, getting a call from Sam on the way, telling me of Ohio States first home loss of the season, 60-57 to #3 ranked Purdue...the Buckeyes had defeated the Boilermakers at their place early in the Big Ten season....OSU falls a game out of first. Sam was in press row, about 12 seats beyond the floor. Meanwhile my Duke Blue Devils and Coach K continue on their way to the ACC Championship for the regular season, by beating Miami on the road.
Will head for Lima this afternoon, scheduled for a Girls JV basketball game at LCC...if that ends before 7:10 or so, I will head across town to Lima Bath for the State Baseball Rules meeting, if it ends later, I will forgo that and take in the meeting down in Dublin with Sam on March 2nd.

Cannibalism on the Left and Right_____

In my mind I consider myself pretty politically savvy....I know the far left and even semi-far left nuts consider anybody to the right of Mao and Stalin, to be stupid, ill informed, just plain dumb, uneducated hicks. With enemies like the left nutjobs, I consider myself in a pretty good situation. However of late in some of the cyber e-mails that I get, I notice a disturbing trend. Not only are the far left loons trying to destroy right thinkers like Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and other main stream Conservatives, the far-far Right is trying to do the same...seems Beck, Fox News, Palin, and others are not far right enough for them. The 9-11 "Truthers"(morons that think George Bush and Company were responsible for the planes flying into the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001), Marxists, the Media, and the far-far Right, aren't too happy with those that are just "pretty far right". The fringe left and the fringe right are about to meet at ground zero...both sides should be avoided like the plague.

I've always considered myself, at least for the past 30 years, a pretty far right kind of guy...but with what I see coming out of the truthers on both on the left and right, I don't hold a candle to these Bozos. Yes, I believed Obama is a Marxist, out to destroy the Republic, I believe Pelosi and Reid are idiots crazed with power, I believe milquetoast John McCain ran a piss poor campaign in the 2008 election...and without a doubt the main stream media, pop culture, and Hollywood are destroying the youth of America. But I draw the line at thinking Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are "Neo Cons" who are as bad as the far left. Do I the miss the boat on some issues? Absolutely, but they are hardly the ones out to destroy the Republic...look to the White House and then look at the far-far right for that. I may be "far right" and a Christian, but I'm not even that far right....

Radical Islam, DC Bureaucrats, and the Obama Administration are the enemy...Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and Fox News are not...and the far right needs to know the difference in the 2 groups....Obama=Bad/Beck and Fox=Not so Bad!

The Survivors Club___

The new Survivalists are becoming chic these'll find them all over the Internet. Folks getting back to nature, growing their own, doing what they feel needs to be done in the days ahead, if we as a country and people continue down the path we are headed.....Patricia and I keep our pantry stocked with enough to get through any disaster in the short term...however, we are hardly "survivalists".

Beck has been promoting a book of late called "The Survivors Club", by Ben Sherwood. My wife purchased the book, now in paperback, through this week, and I started paging through it last night when I got home....Issues from surviving a plane crash, to basic survival skills, to your 'survival personality' quiz...the book is packed with over 370 pages of information. Not being a big reader of print these days...I plan on reading this one, and finding out if I'm a "Survivor", or just a BS artist. One thing Sherwood notes is the positive survivor influence that 'faith in a higher power' has in surviving the coming political and economic storms.

Postponed our lunch with Wulfie, Dick, and his son Ross yesterday...we will do that at Noon today....meanwhile, I'll read a few pages from "The Survivors Club"....

back later>>>>
Photos-Are you a Survivor? Baseball is near, and can't come soon enough with the warmer weather it promises. Are Beck and Fox to far left? The Far-Far Right thinks so, the Far-Far left would disagree. My 'survivor' supplies are getting rotated in and out...Spring and Summer will be time to restock the "Armageddon" section of our basement


United Citizens Council said...

Anyone who thinks the government "let" or "made" 9-11 happen are nuts.

There are even some who don't think airliners were involved. Those people are completely insane.

Deborah Wilson said...

"The Survivors Club" sounds like a good *must read*. Next week I'll see if Border's has a copy.

Right now, I've just started reading Patricia Cornwell's "Book of the Dead". The latest in the Kay Scarpetta series - I think.

I believe "Predator" is probably her best novel ever.

Deborah Wilson said...

p.s.]"Book of the Dead" is not the latest - I'm two behind!

PRH....... said...

Corwall writes some good stuff...I need to get off the computer, and start reading more.

Signed: PRH/Slacker :)

PRH....... said...

Or Cornwall!! Geez, love those typos.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Here's one for you. "A Patriot's History of the United States" by Larry Schwickart a history professor at University of Dayton. I read it and it's great. It will give you the proper perspective on US history. See you shortly.

PRH....... said...

Thanks Steve....will check it out! See you in Dayton March 6th.

Larry said...

Sorry to be chiming-in so late, Pat, but thought I'd offer that we went to a local theater on 1/30 to see the live feed of Beck-O'Reilly's "Bold-Fresh" event broadcast from Virginia. But we were told via an on-screen notice that "Due to the blizzard conditions beginning in the mid-Atlantic region tonight's program will be a REPLAY of last night's Tampa, FL event." [M-o-a-n-s] Beck is a master with a live crowd, but should have omitted repeated references to Pelosi's facial appearance. Just provides ammo for his critics. Considering the "repeat" we saw they should have refunded about half of the $25 ticket, too!

PRH....... said...

Probably true with both the Pelosi and $25 Larry....Let me and others make fun of her face lifts. Beck has more important thing to concentrate on...but afterall he is a comic first, and political type second.

Thanks for stopping by....been awhile.