Monday, February 8, 2010

More Snow on the Way?

I've always been drawn to the thought that is "If all you have to talk about is the weather and doctors visits/health, you ain't got much to say"...well looking at my past few days worth of posts, I don't seem to be saying much. If all I have to type about is going to be health issues and weather, I will be taking a break from the blog....hopefully things will pick up.

Super Bowl___

I headed over to Nick's Back 40 for his Super Bowl Garage Party about 5:30 yesterday afternoon....intending to stay for only awhile....the garage was warm and only a couple of people were smoking, so the effects on my healing Bronchitis were minimal...I stayed until Halftime, and headed home to watch the second half....I really didn't have a fight in the game, didn't hate either team, but was more or less rooting for Indy. Frankly I'm pretty sick of hearing how a Saints win would be so good for the City of New Orleans, after the effects and devastation of "Katrina"...Get Over It! That damn Hurricane was 5 years ago, and for my thoughts, they should have evacuated everybody out, and bulldozed the freaking crime ridden den of sin into the Gulf of Mexico, thus saving the US Taxpayers billions in pissed away aid...There, I've said it! Screw New Orleans...It's a dump, and no damn football team by winning the Super Bowl is going to make it anything else.

In reality, The NFL is nothing more than one big commercial enterprise...speaking of which, of those I saw for the Super Bowl, I was not impressed. Sam made a quick trip back for one of his friends SB Parties, then headed back the Interstate System to Columbus, he had worked Camera at the Ohio State/Iowa Men's Basketball Game yesterday, then headed home..the roads, especially US 33 are still in bad shape, and he made note that cars were in the ditches along the route, thus prompting him to take I-75 to I-70 then back east to C-Town. OK, back to the weather check:

Another Round of Snow?

Looking at the forecast yesterday, it was predicted that Mercer County would get another 10-20 inches of snow between late tonight and Wednesday...that has been downgraded to somewhere between 7-15 as of this morning...look for a further drop in the prediction as this next "storm" moves east....another foot would not be good for my Basketball Officiating...which, with 3 weeks left is heading towards the end anyway. Frankly, I am ready for an end to round ball and winter, and with the end of one, comes the close of another. My first baseball scrimmage is slated for March 22nd, first regular season game a week later on March 29th, and they and the warm up cannot come soon enough. The first rules meeting is scheduled for this Wednesday at Van Wert, depending on the snow totals....with being a member of both Van Wert and Bellefountaine Associations, I've got plenty of time to get the minimum 4 meetings in...although I like to get as many in as possible. Despite the years, you never know enough about the rules of the game, a game that has been a part of my life since 1955, 55 years in and around Baseball...that is something hard to ponder.

The Day Ahead____

Girls Basketball at Elida tonight, if they don't cancel, and with 7 degrees and fog this morning, along with the left over mess on the roads, anything is possible....Dartball to follow, as we try to bounce back after the worst 3 games I can ever remember as a team(and not much better as an individual, I've dropped to #3 in the league in Batting Average, from my short lived stay at #1 last week). Tomorrow night basketball at Antwerp, but I'm guessing that the odds of me getting that in are slim, at least in face of the forecast for the entire area.

Back Later
Photos-Drew Brees and the Saints win the Super Bowl, now get over it New Orleans, this doesn't make your city any damn's still a crime ridden dump!/ The winter of 1970-71, the Security Police Parking Lot at Griffiss AFB, Rome Mercury Cyclone was one of many cars that spent the winter buried...300+ inches of snow in the Mohawk Valley my first year back from Vietnam...making me realize just how little the so called "storm" we got this weekend was.

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United Citizens Council said...

I've been to New Orleans, and as a Christian guy who doesn't drink I was less than impressed.

I am sorry to hear about all that global warming hitting you.

I guess the Saints aren't the Aint's anymore. They could just as easily be the San Antonio Saints once the bowl of NO is filled in.