Monday, February 22, 2010

Looking back at the Weekend

Despite not officiating a basketball game Friday Night for the first time in almost 2 months, the weekend none-the-less was pretty busy.

Friday______Rasberry at Club 211

As I wrote Friday, somehow I managed to pull a muscle or some such in my left shoulder area at Thursday's game in Lima....the rest Friday might have helped, but between Nick and my walk downtown and getting home about 2am, then 3 games on Saturday, the muscle didn't stop hurting, and this morning I've still got a crick in it.

Nick drove over Friday evening and we decided to walk the 10 or so blocks to the old Coffee Shop/Red Door building, now called Club 211 and The of the Old Red Door which I managed back in the mid 1970s, and which now days host the Red Door Reunions during April. Ron Rasberry a Western Ohio musical legend was performing his classic Rock and being about 9 months since I had seen him perform we would walk up, have a beer or 2 then walk home....being the older, wiser ones, we don't touch alcohol and get behind the wheel these days....sometimes with age, does come a bit of wisdom. Sometimes!!

I took the camera and decided to grab a few photos if I got the chance...the temperatures were cold, but no wind, and the skies had cleared, so the 20 minute walk was enjoyable...we arrived about 9:30 grabbed a seat and beer, just in time to see Razz come on the small stage and begin. We spent the next 3 1/2 hours meeting some old friends and BSing. Nick's youngest daughter Krista came in the door, and I'm sure she was surprised to see her old man...and said as much.

With 3 games to do on Saturday, the first at 11am, we headed back to my place just after 1am...with the kids gone, Nick stayed at our place, but opted to sleep on one of the recliners....Patricia got us up about 8:30 and I got ready for 3 games of Basketball in the next 10 hours.

Saturday Basketball___

Despite the late night and sore shoulder/neck etc...I made my way north to Convoy for a Junior High Tournament double header. 2 pretty close games with the first one ending in a controversy. Technical fouls, Intentional fouls, and what else is new? Once done with that I headed south to the small town of 20 people called Schumm, where JD and I were to meet with a couple of fellow Dartballers, and pick up the "travel" Dartball Board for the beginning of Sunday's that sucker is big and heavy....lucky for Gep and me, JD and Gep Jr, are we let them do the heavy lifting into JD's truck and I headed the half hour drive back to Celina.

Time for a quick shower once home, and back on the road to Allen East for the contest with rival Waynesfield-Goshen....Dan the Man and I did the JV game, showered(me for the 3rd time that day, no wonder my damn old skin is dry), then watched a bit of the Varsity contest, before heading the 50 miles home....a long day came to and end....I hit the sack early.

Sunday Dartball____

The Wabash Valley Dartball League Tournament kicked off Sunday at 1pm at St. Johns Lutheran....with us being the host team Sam made it home from Ohio State to help out with getting the area ready. JD fixed the food, and we were ready to go. Sad to say, our team, at least playing wise, wasn't. Mendon knocked us off in 2 straight games, 2-0 and 3-0. I was no help...despite a .441 batting average for the year, good enough for a virtual tie for the batting championship(second place by percentage points)...I got skunked...0 for 6....and after being shut out only 1 time in 42 games during the regular season, we doubled that total in about an hour. We were done....but JD and I will stick around for tonight's Division Playoffs, Next Sunday's Tournament Finals, the All start Game on March 8th(JD and I are on the All Star Team so we will be doing double duty,as hosts and players). Then we will wrap things up on March 15th with the season ending banquet, and put the darts and boards away until next October.

Last night I sat on my butt nursed the shoulder watched the USA defeat Team Canada 5-3 in a major Olympic Hockey upset, no doubt some teeth gnashing north of the border this morning. Caught a few minutes of the Duke Blue Devils knocking off Va Tech...and hit the sack was a long, but fast moving and good weekend.

This week I finish up basketball officiating for the season with JV games at Lima Perry on Wednesday and St. Marys on Friday. Then it's time to concentrate on baseball....this coming Saturday, Garry and I head to Dayton for a all day session with Major League Umpire Tim Timmons and others from the college and minor league ranks. I'm not sure how much an old dog like me can learn or improve, but for $50 with lunch included, what the Hell? It can't hurt.

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Photos-Ron Rasberry(L) and company performed the usual great stuff at Club 211 on Friday Night. Nick and youngest daughter pose for the young vs the old at the Club, I'm sure she was surprised to see her Old Man there. Dartball Sunday ends our tournament run, but work still to be done. And MLB Umpire Tim Timmons will instruct a class on Saturday at Dayton....I'll see if this old dog(me) can learn any new tricks.

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