Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Let it Snow... some more/Dartball Decimal Points

Our predicted 3 to 4 inches of snow was about "spot on"...it appears we have about that much fluffy white stuff....however, with some warm road melting yesterday afternoon, the roads once again turned treacherous. As a result, schools, at least those in the Mercer County area, are again without classes...Patricia has not had school at St. Henry since last Monday, February 8th. Today was the last day of calamity days...and from now on, they will make up days, either by extending the school year or cherry picking some off days that the schools have scheduled.

We are now approaching 20 inches in the latest go around of the past week or 10 days...hardly what those sadly unprepared folks in the DC and Maryland area have experienced. Meanwhile Hal, down in the Dayton area, and Sam, at Ohio State, got much more that we did....and when I talked to oldest son Sam last night, he thought OSU might indeed cancel classes....I haven't checked on that just yet.


We finished off the regular season last night against perennial power, Schumm, we hit above our season average , but so did they and took us 2 out of 3....we finish the 2nd half of the season at 7 wins 14 loses, to go with our 8 up and 13 down in the first half....sad indeed for our once powerful team. Losing players, aging guys, and a group of newbies have put us in the bottom half of the standings....hopefully we can make a tournament run like we did last year, when we finished runners up in the end of season tourney.

One interesting sidelight last night was the battle for Batting Champion. I went into the series with a .431 batting average, 1 point ahead of one of the Schumm players, who stood at .430. It came down to my last at bat, I missed a single by about a half inch, and finished 7 for 13 on the evening, he finished at 8 for 14...the final averages? RR came in with a .44134, and I ended 17th 1000ths of a point behind at .44117....not sure if we finished 1 and 2 in the league because one of the Mount Carmel players went into last night at .427, but it's pretty obvious that we 3 gained the top 3 spots, which trophy...it appears RR will also finish in the top 3 in RBIs...not bad for a 24 year old you just got out of the Marines, good for him. We need good young players to keep the league going.

League Tournament starts this Sunday at our Church, followed by the Division Playoffs, All Star Game and finally the Wabash Valley League Banquet on March 15th. Being the host team, and me being the President for a year, I will be busy with that for the next month...along with Basketball games, Baseball Meetings, and our Vietnam Mini Reunion in Dayton from March 5th through 7th.


Tonight, depending on the roads, cancellations, etc. I am scheduled to do a double header Junior High Boys get together at Delphos...my partner is MB, the young official who I was with last Thursday when the attempted assault happened....reports of the incident have been across the local and area sports blogs....been pretty interesting to say the least. Half Truths, misstatements, and plain BS, abound in cyberspace.....and the story surrounding last Thursday events has all of them. With 12 days to go in my season, let me reiterate, I will be glad to see it end, and move onto baseball, something much more in my comfort zone. My pre-game conversation with MB should be interesting, seeing how he was the focus of the attack, and being a young official will have to work through this, if he is to continue as a High School official. At my age, and experience, I have no such worries....although the longer this festers the more I'm ready for the season to end.

With the wind picking up....who knows what lies ahead in snowbound Celina, regardless I'll be back later with more.

Update: Game cancelled, snow continues to blow, but the major storm appears to have headed east. Looks like I finish 2nd in the Batting Average Race.... .17/1.000 behind RR...Charlie from Mount Carmel ends up with .429 to our .441 each to finish 3rd...the RBI battle is still to be decided.

Photos-The foot and a half or so of Snow in our backyard appears not to be going anywhere...and growing inch by inch. My 1977 Buick, covered by a car cover and Mother Nature's own blanket....It's not going back in the Garage anytime soon. Dartball heads down to the final weeks. And the switch from officiating Basketball to Baseball cannot come soon enough for me.


FHB said...

Man, I'd give ANYTHING to have snow like that.

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