Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cabin Fever, Cancellations, and Old Friends

It appears the final totals for the latest round of snow is somewhere between a foot and 15 inches....the predicted amounts have failed to materialize neither have the 40 mph gusts that were predicted either....however, still enough ice and snow on the back roads to close Mercer, Auglaize, and Darke County Schools for the week...with most schools off for a long 4 day President's Day weekend, Patricia and the rest of the teachers, and students are close to reaching their "limits" on calamity days...and if things continue, Summer break may be shorter than normal.

Between the 2 of us, we have managed to keep a handle on the driveway and sidewalks at home, and keep a path for walkers open at mom's place as well....the city streets are bad, the main highways pretty good, and the outlying county roads terrible...although I have no wandered out in the Jeep that far out of town...I may do that later.

Last night, our first Baseball Rules Meeting of the year at Van Wert was cancelled...and the State Rules Meetings are getting postponed and rescheduled....a real "Monkey Wrench" for all...add this to the backlog of Basketball games, and I will be busier than I want to be for the next 3 weeks or so....tonight I'm scheduled to be at Lima Central Catholic for a boys Freshman contest, but that is not a sure thing, or even probable at this stage of the morning. The next few hours will tell that tale.

Dick, "Wulfie", and Me____

My old friend Dick Finke is back in Celina for a couple of weeks from Florida. The circumstances of his return however are sad...Dick and his companion, Mary, both widowed, have lived in St Petersburg for the past 3 years or so...sadly Mary discovered cancer back in the Summer, and passed away last week. Dick flew home to help her kids with the funeral and will be staying for another 10 days or so before flying back into Tampa.

Our Little Buddy "Wulfie", Dick, and I hooked up for a beer and lunch at Bella's in Celina yesterday...we stayed for 2 1/2 hours, and talked over our lives and old times from the Lake Front Racquet...Dick and I kept the bar in operations at the Club(thanks to our hefty bar tabs), and Wuflie was one of the bartenders for many years.....

I have know Dick for some 20 years, and Wulfie, like me for years, is a High School sports fact Wulfie and I met some 30 years ago while we were working a District Final Basketball game between St. Henry and Delphos St. Johns...we have been good friends since that time. Time which has flown by at warped speed. With Dick staying for awhile, we plan on another get together next week.

Other than that, not a heck of a lot going on, with the January type weather lasting into mid February and by the looks of the forecast, probably longer....of course we could have what the are getting in DC, Maryland, Philadelphia, and Delaware...record winter snows in just a couple of weeks, hopefully that fat lying bastard Al Gore is somewhere buried in a drift, and it won't melt until his fake science of Global Warming melts it....

Enough Cabin Fever ranting for now...back later>>>
Photos-Dick, Wulfie, and Me, meet for the first time in about 18 months...and the driveway before yesterday's 6 inches were added....this won't be melting anytime soon.

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