Thursday, March 18, 2010

And So They Begin: Obama Health Scare....Baseball Season and March Madness

Yesterday, St. Patrick's Day, my first full day of being 61 years old, could not have been more perfect, weather wise, for mid March....almost enough to have one forgot about what Barack Obama and his Marxist Henchman are doing with the Republic in Washington DC. Make no mistake, Health Care, the takeover and ruination of the American Landscape is about to happen....and I'm not sure what the Hell we can do about it. I'm not sure we have the soul, as a people, to fight a corrupt and evil administration, that is bound and determined to make us a people enslaved on the road to serfdom. Time will prove many of us right....will there be time to wake up the majority? The Fundamental Changing of America has begun, Obama "Health Scare" is the finger that pulls the trigger. Once this massive bill is passed, no matter who is elected in November, it, the damage, will not be undone. Look no farther than the Department of Education, once in place, the damage cannot and will not be corrected.

OK, on to more pleasant items.....

Baseball, High School Style, gets underway____

Last March I had scheduled 7 baseball scrimmage games on my calender....usually we are lucky in March to get 2 or 3 of those contests in....rain, snow, cold, wind, wet grounds, etc....usually put a monkey wrench in getting most in. Frankly, March baseball is usually not fun, frozen fingers, frozen toes, windblown faces, and not really enjoyable conditions overall. March 2009, was an exception however, I got all 7 games in before the regular season began.

Today the scrimmage season begins anew....11 days for teams to get ready(for those teams not involved in the Regional and State Basketball Playoffs) for the opening day games, which begin on March permitting of course.

I am scheduled to be at Delphos Jefferson for a scrimmage game at 4 O'clock today, with another one scheduled for tomorrow at Lima Perry...and I've gotta say, the weather looks outstanding....66 and sunshine for today and 68 for tomorrow, in west Ohio, you cannot have better weather in middle/late March. Of course this cannot last, and rain and cooler weather are scheduled for late Saturday and all day Sunday. Sam is finishing up Finals at Ohio State today, and will be back in Celina in time to umpire his first scrimmage on Saturday, at Marion of the few games he will do in this area this Spring. I have another 4 scrimmages scheduled next week, although the weather and the Lima Central Catholic run through the Regional Basketball Tournament may derail some of those...The regular season for me is set to begin at Haviland Wayne Trace on March 29th.

Last night I went to my 8th rules meeting of the year, 4 plus a State Meeting are required, so I'm good to go, but I enjoy the sessions, so will probably go to a couple more. Last night Flemings Sports out of Columbus was there to sell their wares. With the OHSAA required(as of 2012) new logo now in the system, I picked up a new plate shirt, a couple of T-Shirts and Hats, one each for Sam and Me....seems you have to replace something every year...with my weight loss now reaching 25 pounds since September, more new stuff will probably be required as the months move along.

Basketball continues____

With Baseball getting underway, Basketball continues____

The March Madness begins in full force approximately 12 Noon BYU takes on the Florida Gators in the opening salvo of the first round of the NCAA Tournament. My Teams, Ohio University, Ohio State, and Duke(my top favorite) begin play, with OU playing this evening against heavily favored Georgetown, The Blue Devils and Buckeyes play their first games tomorrow evening.
On the high school scene, my Alma Mater, the Celina Bulldogs, play their first Regional game in 36 years tonight, and should be completing their game against Lorain Clearview, at Bowling Green State University, about the same time my scrimmage ends....I was at the last Celina Regional, when they lost to Mount Vernon in March 1974...I won't be there tonight, but will try to catch the final minutes on radio on my way home. Lorain is 21-2, Celina comes in at won't be easy, but it is doable, this team is better than it's record, when they want to be.

Busy weekend coming up...Saturday I will take care of Anissa's needs as Patricia and Hal hook up in Dayton at a Special Ed/Autism Meeting, Patricia will then bring the Intrepid home, as Hal's Ford is out of the repair shop...the damage repair from the wayward kitchen table on I-675 is complete.

Out to enjoy the sunshine, feed the birds and squirrels....

back later>>>>
Photos-Hats and under Ts for the upcoming baseball season. Baseball kicks off tonight in West Central Ohio...I'll be at Delphos Jefferson. The new OHSAA Logo, and which is required on all uniforms/equipment by 2012. And March Madness gets underway in full force this afternoon.

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