Thursday, March 25, 2010

Politics be Damn/Let's talk Hoops!

After a solid week of bitching and complaining about Politics and the corrupt slime ruining, er' running the show in DC...I've just about had it. After commenting late last night on the BS going on from in our "allies" in Canaduh with regards to Ann Coulter and the Canucks total disregard of free speech, unless it Politically Correct and Left Wing, I feel the need to get off the political bandwagon for a few days....but not until I let one more barrage go.

Liars in the Black Congressional Caucus_____

The news coming out of the mouth of the main stream press,, and even echoed by the likes of Bill O'Reilly, was that "Tea Party" protesters were yelling racial slurs at members of the Black Congressional Caucus....of course in these days of digital cameras, and video cell phones, you would think that somewhere, someone, would have taken a photo or sent a video to members of the "Lame Stream Press", say MSNBC the official Network and Lapdog of the Obama Administration....hummmm! So far nary a photo, audio, or video, of the perpetrators against the Marxist Wing of the DNC.

Plain and simple, unless proven otherwise, the BCC Members making these claims are liars....and one does not need to be a racist to make the claim...I'm not, although anyone that dares say a word about the likes of Obama, Jesse Jackass, Al Sharpton, and the BCC, is always labeled be it. I say these clowns are liars. And I'm not the only one:

I am sure it is possible that in any group of 50,000 people there are a few racists, and malcontents...the Tea Party Group is no exception....however, my guess is, if anybody said the "N" word to members of the Black Congressional Caucus, they were "plants" from some far left group, such as some upstanding members of the National Education Association, SEIU, or other Anti American group.

Andrew Brietbart has offered $10,000 for video proof that someone yelled the N-word at the Congressional Thugs:

Want to bet nobody comes forward? There is no video, because no Tea Party member ever shouted that N word, to the Marxists of the BCC.

Things in Washington DC continue out of hand...when is it going to end? Not in my lifetime that is for's only going to get worse. As weak kneed as the GOP is and has been, the Democrats have become full fledged Communists/Marxists. And they and Obama are out of control.


This afternoon I am scheduled to umpire a baseball scrimmage at Lima Central Catholic(although that may be rained out), meanwhile this morning that schools Boys Basketball team will kick off the OHSAA State Tournament with a semi final game in Division 3 against Chesapeake:

This is LCC's 6th trip to the Final 4 under veteran coach Bob Seggerson, his teams have lost 3 last second heartbreaks over the years. Although as an official in 3 sports I don't cheerlead for anyone these days...but I hope that "Seg" brings home his first State Title on Saturday...he richly deserves one. The T-Birds started out 4 wins and 4 loses....they have won 18 games in a row, including a 2 point win in the Regional Finals against undefeated Plymouth last Saturday. 4 Divisions, 12 games over the next 3 days...I used to go to State every March, sometimes as a Broadcaster, including my days as voice of the Van Wert Cougars on Cable TV, on radio, and other times just as a fan of the's been awhile since I participated or watched, but I can still catch the games on TV.

College Hoops____

Meanwhile the "Sweet 16" of the NCAA Tournament continues teams, Duke and Ohio State remain on their way to meeting in the Championship Game on April 5th. Tomorrow night, it's Duke against OSU's Big Ten Rival Purdue, while the Buckeyes face off against the Vols of Tennessee.

Locally in the NIT, The Dayton Flyers defeated Illinois on the road to move on to the Final 4 at Madison Square Garden.

Politics and Basketball, sounds like a great combination to me......but I will drop the politics for a few days beginning tomorrow{maybe}!

back later>>>>
Update: Lima Central Catholic moves on to the State D3 Championship game on Saturday Morning, with a 59-48 win over Chesapeake. The rain has also moved in making the scrimmage at LCC look doubtful later this afternoon.

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