Friday, March 26, 2010

Winter Makes a Return/Wrapping up the Week

The Month of March is always "interesting", weather wise, in Western Ohio. One day 65 and sunny, the next a cold rain and mid 30s, then you get hit with that occasional late March snowstorm....

Tuesday was sunny, albeit cool ,with near average temperatures in the mid 50s....yesterday the rain started about Noon, and the temps dropped throughout the afternoon. By the time 6pm came around the moderate rains had turned to a heavy wet snow mix....we ended up with a frozen inch or so, which was enough to delay schools in the southern part of the Miami Valley. No delays in Mercer County, but our neighbors in Shelby and Darke, did have some 2 hour set backs.

The one good thing about these early Spring snows...they don't stick around very long. I expect this accumulation to be gone by the end of the day...sunshine and 40 something today, and more sun and mid 50s for tomorrow.

High School Basketball____

The season is winding down in Columbus this weekend...Lima Central Catholic came away with a Semi Final win yesterday morning over Chesapeake by 11. They play tomorrow morning at 10:45 for the Division 3 State Championship against Orrville, hometown of Smuckers Jams and Jellies, and one Robert "Bobby" Knight. Not to jinx the T-Birds, but I expect Bob Seggerson and his team to come away with it's first State Title after 6 tries. Plymouth, the team that defeated Celina in the last weekend's Regional Final, remained undefeated with a 1 point squeaker over Zanesville in Division 2....they move on to the finals tomorrow afternoon. The small schools(Division 4) and the BIG schools(Division 1) have their Semi-Finals today...all 4 Divisions finish up tomorrow at the Schott on the Campus of Ohio State.

In the NCAA, with Butler's upset over Syracuse and the Kentucky and Kansas State wins, my Bracket picks if Ohio State and Duke win tonight, I will be set for the upcoming weekend of watching roundball. Go Duke! and Go Bucks! Would be nice to see my 2 favorite teams make the final 4.


Major League Baseball gets underway with the Regular Season in about 10 days....our High School Regular Season gets a foot up on MLB, as we start this Monday(weather permitting of course)....I have a Varsity game at Wayne Trace High School, up in Blue Creek Township, the place, in the Great Black Swamp, my Great-Grandparents moved to back in 1867. A place that takes a while to dry, so with more rains scheduled for Sunday, that opener is already in doubt...but the season will get underway for me sometime next week, one way or the other, barring a complete weather washout.

Meanwhile I am scheduled to finish off my scrimmage season tomorrow at Russia(Rue-she') as they take on St. Henry at Noon.

Words for the Weekend_____

Google Vimar or Weimar(either will work) Republic....and read what is in store for the US if that bastard in the White House, and those in Congress, continues to drive this Republic down that track that leads over the cliff. Frankly I am sick of politics, but I am more sick of what the BureaRats and Politicians, are doing to this country.....Food, God, and Guns, are all essential for survival...and yes, I am a Christian/Right Wing/Libertarian/2nd Amendment supporting Nut....and Damn Proud of it!
Enjoy the weekend....back later>>>>>
Photos-The Snow arrived just before dark last night in western Ohio, and made for some interesting night photography....looking out my bedroom window at the results this morning. Basketball winds down and baseball beckons....Spring, despite the snow, has arrived.


The Lonely Conservative said...

No global warming here in upstate, NY either. It was 21 degrees this morning when I left the house. Brrrr. Where's Al Gore when you need him?

PRH....... said...

Hopefully Roasting in Hell LC....then the lying SOB will get to find out what real "global warming" is... :)