Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Defeat These Bastards Now" says Rush/Obama vs John Roberts and the Supreme Court

Rain and in the 30s yesterday a completely raw and miserable early Spring day....still cloudy today, and even though they are calling for some sun and warmer by afternoon, I doubt if I'll get my scrimmage in this afternoon in Lima....such is early Spring and early baseball season in Ohio.

Patricia and I went out for supper across the Lake last night, at a place "Lost in the 50s" in St. Marys...in addition to low price and good quality eats, the place is loaded with a "Gasoline Alley" Museum of Memorabilia, including classic cars on loan, and hundreds of automobile related items, and in the dining area, hundreds of 50s and 60s music artist's autographs within framed photographs and album covers adorn the wall. Quite a place to relive the past of us 50 and 60 something folks youth.

The Health Scare Fallout____

The Kenyan-and-Thief will sign the Socialistic Universal Health Care Bill in less than an hour(11:15 eastern time), I will not be watching...everytime I see this son of a bitch on TV I get ill. Unless the Supreme Court takes this illegal power grab by the Federal Government down, we will be no better than the socialist shitholes like France, Germany, and Canada....a nation of freeloaders and puppets, slaves to the mighty Obama and his Anti Christ like presence. I wonder how long it will take the majority of those who sit on their hands come elections, and have bought into this Clown's "Change", to wake up? And will it be too late once they do?

Rush Limbaugh Says________

"Defeat these Bastards":


Will the protests remain peaceful? Somehow I doubt it...the left and Government Henchman will do their best to infiltrate the "Tea Party" and 9/12 movements, and use them as vehicles to call for Marshall Law to eventually be pounded into the system. This President and this Government will do anything and everything to try to destroy the Republic, and quash the will of the productive folks of this country.

As I mentioned yesterday, and Limbaugh agrees, the next divide and conquer is giving illegal immigrants the right to vote and freeload off the producers:


"Divide and Conquer" that is the Obama motto.....and he's doing a damn good job of it in just 15 months. Not since the Civil War as a country been so divided.

Barry Soetoro vs The Supreme Court_____

The great hope to defeat this Health Care and other illegal actions by this President and this Congress lies in the 3rd branch of Government....The United States Supreme Court. The same Court our Kenyan/Indonesian President bashed in his "Sorry State of the Union" speech in January:


Obama has proven he hates this country, and is doing his best to bring the citizens of same to their knees.....he will stop at nothing to destroy the Republic.

The Supreme Court basically stands at 4 Liberals, 4 Conservatives, and 1 swing vote, that being Justice Kennedy....I believe that Obama and his co-whores will do anything in their power, illegal or not, to see that this court is stacked in his favor...I hear Glenn Beck and others asking that you pray for The President....screw that, you better be praying for the safety of the 5 non Liberals on the Court. This man and his Marxist followers will do anything, and I mean anything to control and wield power over this nation. They will stop at nothing!

Obama, Pelosi, and Company are Evil Bastards, and they must be thwarted at every turn......do I sound pissed off? I'm not really, just tossing out what I think the country is in for under the current people in charge, take it for what it is worth.


Today in the American Thinker online, author Chris Chantrill, points out the evil that is Obama right on the spot:


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