Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A-Holes to the North of US(A)/Free Speech in Canada Not Allowed(unless you're a left wing loon)

Hey O' Canada is a nice country...seriously though, in addition to letting Muslim Terrorists run amok in their land of Caribou and Hockey, they sure don't want or appreciate American Style Free Speech.
Seems, if you are to the right of Stalin, Mao, and Obama, you don't have a "right" to speak on The Campus' of the Peoples Republic of Ann Coulter has found out:

Frankly, I enjoyed going to Canada to fish on occasion, and even delivered RVs in the French Province a few years back, and don't have a problem with those I interacted with. But since it's now official, Canucks embrace Islamic Terrorism, and disallow free speech that allows someone to call Islam just what it is....I sure the Hell won't be stepping back into the Frozen North anytime soon....
Here is a Fox News vid on the protests:
Liberal Canadians have never been very bright or brave....and taking a look at the dyke on the video, being interviewed by Megan Kelly, agreeing with the protesters, as well as the loons doing the protesting of Coulter, it appears Liberal Canucks have crawled out from under the nearest rock.
My apology to all right thinking Canadians for this rant...but like the US, you are swamped with left wing loons on College Campus', in the Media, and Government....I feel your plight.
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