Friday, March 19, 2010

NCAA Upsets, Ohio University WINS!/Soetoro Bails on Asian Trip

I got my first baseball scrimmage in yesterday, a JV affair at Delphos, my partner, a recent move back from Vegas, did the plate...I opted to rest my back and did the bases...sunny with a breeze and about 65 at game time was pleasant enough...we worked for about 2 1/2 hours. Tonight I head for Lima Perry for a Varsity Scrimmage, the weather looks like a carbon copy of yesterday. The weekend will see cooler temps and rain moves in by Sunday...but we are taking what Mother Nature tosses at us, and this week it has been nice, especially for mid March.

A Wild Opening Day of Hoops____

In the NCAA 6 of 16 games ended with the underdogs coming out on top...and other favorites, like Villanova, got by with the help of bad officiating. Nova won in Overtime, a game that Robert Morris got stiffed in the last minutes of regulation.

Meanwhile my old stomping grounds at Ohio University in the city of Athens, Ohio, has to be a bit "hung over" from last night's outstanding performance by the Bobcats over the media darlings from Georgetown....way to go Bobcats!

Now if Duke and Ohio State can avoid the pitfalls tonight, all 3 of my teams will move on to the weekend....regardless, if the Friday games are anything like Thursdays, today will be fun. Even with my Bracket Picks "Blown Up".

In High School Action Celina Moves On______

My and my kids High School, The Celina High Bulldogs, have had a pretty good run over the years in Basketball...15 Western Buckeye League championships, leads all the other teams in WBL history. Being the biggest school in the league and assigned to Division 1(Big Schools), the 'Dogs' seldom got far in the post season fact they made the State Final 4 only once, back in 1971-72, when they were ranked #1 and undefeated, when they lost to 2nd ranked Cleveland East Tech...the team that won the Big School state crown. The last time they reached the Regional Tournament was in 73-74, a 21-2 team that lost to Mount Vernon at Columbus....a few years ago, Celina dropped down to Division 2(of 4 divisions in Hoops), and things were looking better for tournament runs.

Enter the 12 win 8 loss team of 2009-2010....they ended the season, losing 4 of 5, and fell to a 3rd place tie in the WBL....after getting a #2 seed and a bye in the Sectional Tournament, they had won 3 straight games over fellow WBL teams to win the District at Ohio Northern University. Last night they played in their first Regional game in 36 years....and defeated a Lorain Clearview team(21-3) 54-45 to move within 1 win of the State Final 4. To do that they will have to defeat a 4th ranked Port Clinton team that comes in with a perfect 24-0 record, after edging WBL Champion, Defiance 45-43, last night...good luck to the Bulldogs tomorrow in their attempt at the Final 4.

Health "Scare" and Barry Soetoro____

The Federal Government is on the verge of passing a so called Health Care Bill, that will see the Bureaucrats and the Washington DC Government take over 1/6 of the economy. And that's just the "small" problem.
The passing of this bill will see more destruction to the Republic than anything before or since the Depression Era Welfare State Scam called "The New Deal"...P.T. Barnum said "There's a sucker born every minute", in the case of modern day America, we have millions...they are called Obama supporters. With the vote on "Health Scare" looming this weekend, if appears that Barry our Kenyan-and-Thief has decided not to visit his Muslim Brothers in Asia.

Seems Barry is either worried that his bill won't pass(of course he has no bill, this is the Senate Bill), or he's worried that his violent Islamic Chums might not be happy with his visit. But more likely, our self appointed King of America, Barack Hussein Obama the First, wants to stick around and gloat over another victory over the will of the American people.... you morons that voted for this son of a bitch, can choke on his Health Care. Change indeed! This evil foreign born clown is destroying the US Constitution, one step at a time.

The Weekend Ahead____

I opted out of doing any scrimmages tomorrow, Sam will be home and has one at Marion Local tomorrow morning. Patricia will join Hal at a conference for Autism in Dayton, and will bring home the Intrepid...since she is driving down with a friend who is Anissa's main care giver....I will stay at home, enjoy one more spring like day(which tomorrow is the official beginning as it would happen), keep Anissa over here, and hopefully get one more day outside with some nice weather, while maybe sneaking time out for a good cigar to go with my outdoor coffee.

Sunday looks rainy and cool, but with a full 10 days of nice weather we have had this March, who can complain? Not Me!

Enjoy the weekend....back later>>>>>
photos-March Madness, Ohio Bobcats, Celina Bulldogs move on...and Barack "Barry" Obama, ramming Health Care down your throat, whether you like it or not!#

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Shrinky said...

Hung over, you?? Nahhhh, I don't believe it (snigger)! I'm glad it looks as though Annisa is settling in just fine to moving ahead in life - it gives me hope for our Sam. Yeah, Spring always lifts the heart, doesn't it? Especially after such a harsh winter. Enjoy the weekend.