Monday, March 22, 2010

Calling "Doctor Death"/Immigration Reform Next?

The Monday arrived cloudy, windy, wet, and cold....kind of like the mood in the country this morning, at least the mood of Conservatives, Christians, and Patriots....Health Care, as I said it would, has passed. Barack Obama our Kenyan President along with the San Francisco hag, Nanny State Pelosi, has successfully shove Government run Health Care down collective throats.
As Matt Drudge says this morning..."A Date That Will Live In Infirmary"

The talk shows on talk radio will be ablaze this morning...the few remaining Democrats that stood in the way of this take over of 1/6 of the economy caved like a sand castle in a hurricane. The end of the Republic has giant step has been taken...Immigration "Reform" is next. The flood gates are about to open for the great unwashed freeloading masses.

Just how much damage can Barry and Nancy do before we throw the majority Democrats out of office? I have seen this coming for years, it began with Lyndon in fact it all began with Franklin Roosevelt during the 1930s. The slow destruction of the Republic is about complete, Socialism, Western European style, is about to be our sad lot in life. We as a people are to blame, we opened the flood gates to immigration for the freeloaders from around the globe, we built a Nanny State of Entitlements for all(of those that do not work)...entitlements that we cannot afford to pay for. Roosevelt, LBJ, and now Barry Soetoro joins them as the very worst Presidents to serve this country....Jimmy Carter, as bad as he was, cannot hold a candle to these 3, because he was such an inept leader.

Revolution is just around the Corner____

Peaceful? Perhaps! But revolution is many people are fed up...Remember March 21, will go down just like Black Friday 1929....the country is on the verge of destruction. You who voted for Change are the blame!

At 61 I long ago gave up caring about what happens to me, I've lived a good life, the stinking Government can only do so much to this old man...However, I weep for my country and my kids, especially my handicapped daughter, wondering what lies ahead for them. A socialist Republic won't be kind to the Handicapped...sadly there is nowhere else to go, we are the last true Republic and we have been taken over.

God is in control, I wonder, just wonder, what he will decide? I plan on enjoying the total destruction of the Democratic Party, and the Progressive Wing of the GOP.....I, and millions like me, have little to use....."Bring it on Barry and Nancy, Bring it On"....we are coming.

The Weekend Past____

Aside from the political and moral disaster of the weekend, basketball watching was the order....

I got a pair of scrimmages in, baseball wise, on Thursday and Friday...I did a 2 1/2 hours session behind the plate, Friday at Lima Perry....Sam worked Marion Local on Saturday, he had finished up finals at Ohio State on Thursday(so far he has a 2 A and 1 B+(Physics) on his card....with 1 grade to he get ready to enter his Junior year at OSU, he has done well for an "older" student now 28...still well above 3.5 GPA, and poised to make the Dean's List this past Winter Quarter.


The Celina Bulldogs Cinderella story came to and end one game short of the State Tournament...the Dogs finish a great run at 16 wins 9 loses, by losing a well fought game in the Regional Finals at Bowling Green. Undefeated and 4th ranked Port Clinton pulled away in the 2nd half for a 66-55 win. Meanwhile Lima Central Catholic, a school I officiate at quite often, moves on to the Division 3 State Tournament Final 4 on Thursday.

Meanwhile in the NCAA Tournament, both Duke and Ohio State move on to the "Sweet Sixteen"...Ohio U Bobcats upset bid ends against Tennessee, Ohio State's next opponent. The Big Ten, ignored by the pundits all season, lead with 3 teams in the 16, the Big East(or Big Least as I call them) are 6 wins 6 loses and only 2 teams, Syracuse and West Virginia, out of 8 much for the power conference. Meanwhile 5 small or mid major teams make the Regionals. A upset filled great tourney so far.

The Week Ahead_____

A Scrimmage tonight at Delphos St. Johns as little chance of getting played....the rains, although not lasting long, were pretty heavy. Tomorrow and Thursday I am schedule to do the same at the aforementioned LCC...Tomorrow, probably the field will be wet, and Thursday is not happening..Lima Central Catholic boys Basketball is in the State Finals...Congrats to the T-Birds, and their Hall of Fame Coach Bob Seggerson. Saturday my final scrimmage is at Russia(Rue-She), Ohio vs the wife's school, St. Henry. Next Monday, weather permitting, the regular season begins...and I am happy as a clam....I'm sick of the layoff after basketball, and ready to get outdoors and work some baseball.

Barack Obama be dammed, enjoy the week ahead, enjoy your life....and be prepared for what is at hand.

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Shrinky said...

Guess we'll need to agree to disagree on the healthcare issue, I can only talk from experience. My handicapped son had multiple life threatening issues when he was younger, and the free healthcare on tap was the best we could have wished for Pat. Same goes for all the specialists we needed on a long term basis. We didn't need to worry over his heath cover expiring, or finding an insurance company to renew his pre-existing problems with. We had enough to concern ourselves with - thank God we didn't need to worry over mortgaging our house to cover his medical bills on top of that.

Mushy said...


PRH....... said...

In the USA it's called Insurance you know, we also have a handicapped child....and she does have government help, however, we still can go to whom we choose for her and our Health Care...the Nanny State does nothing for us.

The Obamacare is not about Health Care, it's about Government Control of our everyday lives, something most American refuse to allow.

Friends can agree to disagree, but what is good in Europe in not always good for Americans...I think that's why a few hundred citizens left England for North America a few hunderd years ago.

PRH....... said...

Go Duke!

As far as Tennessee and Ohio State depends on which Tennessee teams shows up/the one that played Kentucky last is toast, if it's the one that played Ohio U(a poor team at best) they may have a chance.

I'm just looking for a couple of good games.....

Kansas Scout said...

Like you I figure I don't have much to lose at 59. I agree that Revolution is brewing, and when folks see how hard it will be to repeal this mess....look out.

PRH....... said...

Gonna be nearly impossible Kansas...once in place they don't go away. Remember Reagan planned to disband the Department of Education....never worked out!

Thx for stopping by....