Thursday, March 4, 2010

March(ing) On!

As I mentioned on Tuesday, things are pretty busy, and the weather is starting to moderate somewhat. The sun finally came out yesterday, and it looks like we have some more on the way for most of the weekend as well...highs will reach into the mid 40s by Saturday, making our visit to The Air Force Museum about 40 degrees better than January 31st of last year, when we old Sky Cops got together at Wright Patterson AFB.

Tuesday night I met up with Sam at Dublin Jerome High School, some 20 miles north of Columbus, we completed our State Mandated Rules Meeting....last night he made the 60 mile trip from Columbus to Indian Lake High School, I drove 50 miles south and east, and we picked up a local rules meeting at our other association, The Top of Ohio Umpire Association(we are also members of the Mid West Buckeye Association in Van Wert, where I usually get my tournament and some regular season game contracts). Today, no meetings, but I will head north to the little berg of Wren, Ohio. Wren is nestled on the Ohio-Indiana border in Van Wert County...Wren Trophies is where we get our T-Shirts and Trophies for Dartball from. The shirts are ordered, I will place the trophy order this afternoon.

Snow Blowing____

Brother Mike is on his way from Florida as I type, he should arrive sometime this afternoon or this evening, mom will remain in Naples, and Mike will head back in a month or so, before they both return around May Day.

With him coming back, I figured I better check the driveway over there to see how it was looking. When I got into the alley where the driveway connects, I found a nice frozen 2 or 3 foot deep snow(ice?) drift the length of the drive. No way I was gonna shovel that. Patricia had purchased a small electric snow shovel for just this purpose, something, unlike our large Snow King, that we cold toss in the car or Jeep, and run over to Mom's or Anissa's place and at least make a dent in the drifts.

Still in the box, I spent an hour or so putting the Snow Joe together, headed over to Mom's place, and began working on the ice wasn't easy, but I got a path made, although it was nothing more than an ice path, but at least he should be able to maneuver his way to the carport.

Vietnam Reunion___

Tomorrow afternoon we head to Dayton for the "Mini Reunion"....for the second year I have been charged with putting this meeting together, and hopefully we will equal or surpass the 50 to 60 folks we had at last years 6 hour get together. This year many will be arriving on Friday, and staying until Sunday....Patricia and I will also take in the musical "Wicked", which along with dinner at the Outback, was a gift from our kids.....It should be a full weekend. We will return Sunday afternoon.

Hopefully I will have plenty of photos for both the Reunion and "Wicked", for next weeks blogs.

On a related note...Patricia and I will drive separately...youngest son Hal had a run in with a kitchen table the other day....seems he was driving on I-675 no far from his place and Wright Patterson, when he noticed a couple of cars swerve around something, without time to react...his new Ford Fusion, ran into a kitchen table that had been dropped in the middle of the Interstate...a couple thousand dollars damage it seems, lucky nobody was hurt, only 3 or 4 vehicles damaged. So I will take the Intrepid, while the wife will drive the van...Hal will use the Intrepid while his car gets repaired....I will be reduced to driving the Jeep Wrangler full time. But with no games until March 22nd, and only a handful of meetings to attend, it should not be much of an inconvenience.

Obama's Power Grab___

I have stayed away from national politics for the most part of late. This morning I was all set to rant on Barry Soetoro's latest rank power grab. Seems our half assed Kenyan Prez now wants Congress to override the Constitution and pass his Health Care power grab by illegally ramming through Health Scare by a simple majority vote in both houses of Congress. The main rant will come after this passes, if it does pass.

Let the lawsuits begin....I'm wondering when the Supreme Court shoots his power grab down, what will Barry and his Chicago Thugs do?

Nothing would surprise me out of this Marxist Son of a Bitch, he and his Posse' are evil bastards out to destroy the Republic....stay tuned. I will sit back and watch. Obama is one criminal, surrounded by a crew of criminals, calling themselves "Progressives"(Code word for radical Marxists, lets call them what the are). The Republic is in peril, the country is waking up, it may be too late. If Obama has his way, Congress and the Highest Court in the land will become irrelevant, Revolution may be just around the corner.

Back tomorrow, with a quick look at my Air Force days....and how my outlook about that outfit has changed in 40 years.

back later>>>
Photos-The "Snowjoe" cannot move the snow my regular "Snow King" does, not even close...but the 12 pound electric snow shovel is one Hell of a lot easier to move around and works well in smaller drifts and amounts of the white stuff. Me(Left) and my right hand man, Wayne DeZarn at last years meeting. We expect to equal or top the crowd from last year, with more activities planned in the Dayton area. And finally our President Barack Obama, make no mistake, this is one evil SOB who could care less what you think...he is out to destroy America as we know it.


BRUNO said...

An electric snow-shovel. I can honestly say that I've never seen one IN ACTION. So, I'll take your word for it! Seems like it'd be one helluva risk for electrocution, but with a functional GFI-circuit, I guess it'd be OK?

PRH....... said...

It tells you not to stand in water, or if you do, use rubber boots. The snow was so damn packed, it wasn't a problem, but don't think I'll be using it in the heavy wet stuff....

United Citizens Council said...

I think your more right than you know about the Health Scare Deform Bill. And about how he has surrounded himself with the most radical posse in history.

When Nancy Pelosi says the bill does not allow government funding of abortion she leaves out that it mandates that everyone with insurance pay a fee into a fund to pay for abortion.

The left does feel collective guilt and shame on abortion and of course the leftist reaction is to spread this to everyone. They don't want to go to hell without passengers, as someone on another forum said.