Friday, March 12, 2010

A Foggy Friday Posting

Still warm, above normal for early to mid March, but fog rolled in after last night's rain....all area schools were either cancelled or delayed...Celina cancelled, but Patricia at St. Henry went with the 2 hour delay....the various schools are about out of catastrophe days, so any missed for the next 2 1/2 months will be made up or placed in one of the remaining day slots.... all thanks to the tough winter weather and heavy snows.

I'm typing while running back and forth to the tube, as both Ohio State and Duke are playing early games in the Big Ten and ACC Tournaments...and neither of my favorite teams are playing particularly well...both are slightly ahead late in their respective first halves.

Yesterday I headed to Wrenco Trophies in Van Wert County to pick up the All Star Shirts for the 2 dozen Wabash Valley League All-Stars, and the trophies for teams and individuals. Meanwhile Patricia worked on a Banquet Brochure for the end of season bash at our Church this coming Monday Night.

Anissa stayed with me for a couple hours yesterday, just to give her a break for her routine, which seems to be getting to her....Special Needs people, like us so-called "Normal" people have their ups and downs like the rest of us...and she was having a difficult week, so we gave her a change of pace yesterday.

Other than that, I am working on my baseball schedule for the season, and trying to figure out just what I need, equipment wise, for the upcoming season.

Last night I downed a couple of Guinness Extra Stout brews...which is fast becoming my non-summer favorite. It's a strong dark beer brewed in Canada, that will knock up on your butt on a empty stomach with just a couple of bottles...and it does go great with a nice Cigar though.

Enough rambling on, really not much to dwell on...enjoy the weekend, and I'll be back later.
Photos-The front page of the Program for Monday's Wabash Valley Dartball League Banquet....My shirt and batting average Trophy, one of 2 dozen shirts and dozen trophies that will be handed out Monday. And Guinness Extra Stout, one of my new favorite beers that I have discovered this winter.
Updates: Duke finishes strong and beats Virginia by 11, meanwhile Ohio State blows a 13 point second half lead, and falls behind by 2 with 2.2 seconds left...All American Evan Turner tosses in a 40 footer from just over half court to pull out the miracle 1 point Buckeye Win! The Ohio State beatdown in Football and now Basketball over Michigan continues.


United Citizens Council said...

I wonder if Dartball could catch on in Texas.

United Citizens Council said...

I wonder if Dartball could catch on in Texas.

PRH....... said...

Dartball is an old time "sport" UCC, not sure these days if the youngsters have the patience...Hell they don't even like Baseball. Too busy with video games and TV....

It's a great way to spend a couple hours just to bond and BS with those that have a like interest. I started late in life in my mid 40s, but will do it until I am no longer able to see the board.

Anonymous said...
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