Saturday, March 27, 2010

Duke Moves On/Buckeyes Stumble

Sunshine and 55 is forecast for today...Patricia is in Bowling Green at a scrimmage at Russia, Ohio, has been moved back until 2pm because of field conditions....thus giving me a chance to watch the Division 3 High School State Championship between Lima Central Catholic and Orrville. This is Coach Seggersons 6th trip to the well with the T-Birds, and hopefully this morning they bring back the crown.


Last night I settled back with a few Guinness Double Stouts, and watched part of the Ohio State-Tennessee game in the Sweet 16. Ohio State lead most of the way, but failed to hold on, no inside game and turnovers cost them, The Vols move on with a 76-73 record to face another Big Ten(11) team Michigan State, a winner over upstart Northern Iowa.

Later on I had to watch Duke on the Computer, due to CBS and their "Regional" coverage, we got the MSU-NI I cheery picked the Duke-Purdue game on the Internet, which isn't bad if you have a good screen and enough byte power. After an ugly first half, the Blue Devils pulled away late for a double digit win...they take on Run and Gun Baylor tomorrow for a trip to the Final 4 in Indianapolis on April 5th.

That is a wrap for this morning....back later>>>>


Law and Order Teacher said...

I'm watching the WVU/Ky game. It's an implosion game for me; I could care less who wins, although my bracket, destroyed as it is, has KY in the finals.

I love UD in the NIT. I'm disappointed they didn't make the NCAA, but they seemed to have shaken that off and have been playing pretty well. I hope they win Tues but I'll have a few beers and hope for the best.

Sorry for missing the reunion. I'm really fighting something that is kicking my ass.

PRH....... said...

Take care of yourself Steve...the weather has been condusive for getting illness, and keeping it around, miserable out this morning.

As for the NCAA, after KY got beat last night, Duke is about all that's left of the favorites...and I'm not sure they will survive today against Baylor.

Dayton is fun to watch....the starting Center is a local kid from Coldwater, Huelsman.