Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Vietnam Reunion at Dayton part 3

For the first time since back in October the temperatures marked 60 degrees yesterday, if only for a short time, then the skies got cloudy and a few sprinkles touched down in western Ohio. Some rain overnight has gone north, and a spot or two of sunshine is popping out as the temps head back towards 60 for today, with 50s and rain in store for the rest of the week...the snow, for the most part is gone, except for a few piles in the shaded areas, and under the bushes.

I jumped in the Jeep and headed south to Marysville where a "local" baseball rules meeting took place at the local golf club.....Marysville is a 75 mile drive from Celina, so "local" is a stretch for me...Sam had a much shorter ride from Columbus, and showed up as well. We now both have enough local rules meetings, as well as our state meeting in for the upcoming season. Sam will next week join the Columbus Association, and will do most of his work down that way for the next couple of years, while attending Ohio State...he'll do some spring work and Summer ACME baseball here, and some early fall football in this area, and Christmas Break Basketball here, but mostly will work farther to the south and east until he is finished at OSU, sometime in 2012.

Sunday at the Reunion____

After seeing the "Wicked" musical on Saturday evening at Dayton, Patricia and I spent our last evening at the Hope before heading back to Celina on Sunday. We had been offered a Buffet at Packy's for our farewell get together on Sunday Morning....20 or so of us were still around, while some had left early for their distant locations. I should mention that Dennis Evans and wife Angie, were the long distance travelers this time around, flying in from Dallas, Texas....they live in Cedar Park in the Longhorn State. In addition to Texas, we had out of state attendees from Virginia, Pennsylvania, Upstate New York, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky.

Youngest son, Hal and his girlfriend Lisa, joined us about 9:30, so Hal could pick up my Intrepid for use until his Ford's body repairs are complete.

We had coffee, the women had some "spiked" OJ, and a good breakfast, and started to say our various "Good Byes"....I think all hated to see the weekend end. It went by all too quickly to say the least.

As the last group sat around finishing our talks, photo taking, and breakfast, we were approached by a young Staff Sargent who introduced himself as a C5A(the largest plane in the Air Force Fleet) Loadmaster, and offered those left an inside look and tour of the his C5A Galaxy...I accepted for those left(although I didn't go because of time, Hal, and room considerations), so Rich Holstein, his 2 sons, Jack Smith with wife Roberta, and Dennis and Angie Evans took the Sargent up on his offer....Jack has some photos which are posted on his Facebook account, showing the amazing size of this bird, and the good time they had. Richard's boys were indeed impressed.

I first saw and guarded a C5A back in June 1971 at Griffiss AFB, New York...I was amazed then, and those big birds are still the Empire of the Air Force some 40 years later.

We said our final farewells, Patricia, Hal, Lisa, and I, were the last to Outstanding weekend was winding down, and as sad as that was, we had the memories fresh in our minds, and our souls had been revived.

Thanks to All who attended...Here is the list as I have it:

Name/Vietnam/Thailand Base`year/Hometown

Bob Griffith /Tan Son Nhut/Da Nang 1970/Riverside, Ohio
Rick Adams/ Safeside/Cincinnati, Ohio
Mike Tillman/Phan Rang 1966/Pebworth, Kentucky
Wayne DeZarn and Family/Binh Thuy 69-70/Huber Hts, Ohio
Thom Bell/Tan Son Nhut 68-70/Middletown, Ohio
John Galinac/Phu Cat 68-69/Wellsboro, Pennsylvania
Doug(Pam) Davis/Phu Cat K-9 handler 68-69/Traverse City, Michigan
Tom Oller/Safeside 68-69/Morrisonville, IL
Tommy Webb/Nha Trang, (RVN) 66-67 NKP, Udorn, Don Muang(Thailand) 75-76/Beavercreek, Ohio
Bart Stack/Cam Ranh Bay 67-68/Pittsburgh, PA
Larry(Mary) Gearig/Tuy Hoa/Swanton, Ohio
Richard Holstein and Sons/Cam Rahn Bay/Bolingbrook, IL
Dennis(Angie) Evans/ Binh Thuy/Cedar Park, Texas
Bob(Donna) Gerhardt/Phu Cat 68-69/Hamilton, Ohio
Steve(Judy)Gianelos/Phu Cat 68-69/Bouthuyn, PA
Greg Cain and Sheila Gervase-Cain/Bihn Thuy 67-68, West Seneca, NY(Sheila is the President of our Women's Association at VSPA)
David(Brenda) Ramey/Tan Son Nhut 1969/Middletown, Ohio
Allen Workman(Martha) NKP(Thailand) 73-74/Louisville, KY
Sam(Ruth) Lewis/Phan Rang 67-68/Dublin, Virginia
Jack Smith(Roberta)/Tan Son Nhut 1968/Columbus, Ohio
Tom McCandles/Phan Rang 67-68/Indianapolis, IN
Pat(Patricia) Houseworth/Nha Trang 1969/Tan Son Nhut 1970/Celina, Ohio

One again my thanks to all these Security Police Brothers from our days in Southeast Asia. Can't wait to do it all again, if the Lord is willing.


On more Baseball rules meeting this week. Tonight I will travel to Van Wert for my regular association get together.....then I need to get working on the pamphlets for next week's Dartball Banquet. Perhaps things will settle down to "normal" after that.

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photos-top left Sunday Morning at Packys, the last Sky Cops Standing: Left to Right~Allen Workman, Richard Holstein, Jack Smith, PRH, and Dennis Evans.(2) Breakfast Buffet at Packy's on Sunday Morning(3) Home on Sunday Afternoon, with temps in the 50s and sunshine, I had time for a Guinness Extra Stout and a good cigar out by the garage(4)below...a stretched out version of the photo at the statue.


Law and Order Teacher said...

I apologize for my absence. I got something and it damned near killed me. Or at least it felt that way. I'm just feeling somewhat OK.

I spent the last week sleepwalking through school and then collapsing at home.

Today I feel semi-normal. I really missed the reunion so I'll shoot for next year. Sorry. Hope baseball is in your future.

As for me, I'll watch the Flyers in the NIT after that gut-wrenching loss on Friday. This week is OGT week so we are in panic mode at school.

Hope all is well.

PRH....... said...

No problem Steve...I left a message on your blog...I figured it was something health related, glad it wasn't anything like family issues....First game is slated for Thursday at Delphos Jefferson, a scrimmage, we will see if the weather dries things out in time.