Thursday, October 11, 2007

Agawa Canyon/Algoma Railroad


The cool down to fall has hit...never got much past 55 yesterday with a little rain, and clouds throughout the day. My back is still a problem, will see how it holds up tonight for the local 8th grade game vs Lima Bath....54 and rain is the forecast, not great back weather.

I see our President is trying to undo the Constitution by supporting the rights of this convicted scum in Texas.....if you have not seen this story, it will make your blood boil, and GW is intent on selling us down the river to International Law, and the Mexican a right wing type, I have no faith in either two political parties, have not had for years.....I have a bad feeling that big trouble is just around the corner.

Here is the story of the 1993 horrific murders, rape, and more, of two teen girls in Texas. Then try to figure out why Bush is going to bat for this pervert and for International Law over our own Constitution.

I have stated, I don't want to get overly political on this site, but some things piss you off enough you have no choice.

25 years ago
____________Back when I was Program Director at a local radio station, I was sent packing with a group of senior citizens for a 3 day bus and train trip through Michigan and into Canada. Those seniors were for the most part were about my age was a fun trip, but we took it the second week of October in 1982, and the fall foliage had seen it's best days.....we however had good accommodations, good food, and an interesting 3 day trip. I suggest you make the trip in late September, rather than October.....foliage is probably better for photos.

For more information to the Agawa Canyon tours via the Algoma Railway check out this site:

{photos....waterfalls somewhere along the Algoma Railroad in Agawa Canyon, Ontario, Canada}


~Fathairybastard~ said...

Yea, bein' down here it's all in the news. Amazing, but typical political crap. Yep, I've never voted for one so far that didn't turn out to be an asshole, in one way or another. What can ya do?

And that sounds like a nice trip. I've always heard about train trips like that, up through the Rockies or through New England. Sounds cool.

Buck Pennington said...

Dang, Pat...I hope your back gets better, and soon.