Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More Nappanee

Just a few photos from Nappanee, Indiana, tornado damage....for more on the devastation from last Thursday evening more photos can be found at the Jolynna blog:

Gulf Stream RV will be back up and running by the end of the week....Nappanee as a whole will take much longer.

{photos include the damage and destruction at Fairmount Homes and Gulf Stream RV, and the Marathon Gas and Convenience store where I stop to fill up the RVs before leaving, and to grab a hot cup of coffee...glad the guys that run this one had closed the store at 9PM...the storm destroyed it 90 minutes later.}

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jolynna said...


I am glad the Marathon Station closed at 9 p.m., too. I don't know any of the employees, but the owner, Chanty Long,is a friend of my husband's.

He used to work for my husband not long after he came over here from Cambodia.

I am very sad for him. My understanding is that he is not going to rebuild.