Sunday, October 14, 2007

Buckeyes and Mushrooms


With the back still a question mark, I will get ready to do a City Rec League playoff double header this afternoon...not looking forward to it, only because I know I won't be up to full strength to get up and down the field...but the season is winding down, a Freshman game at Coldwater tomorrow, then Thursday at Waynesfield...after that only the playoffs....and some R and R for the back...only 5 months till baseball season....hopefully enough time to get back in shape for that season.

Speaking of football, I assume The Ohio State Buckeyes will be #1 in the polls and BCS rankings when they come out. Not sure this year's crop is really a number #1, but with the rest of the pretenders falling by the wayside, it will be OSU's turn to get knocked off their high perch. Ohio State football is a unique experience, even if you went to college elsewhere, like my family has, if you live in Ohio, you either root for the Buckeyes, or hate them....there is no room for luke warm feelings.

More interest than usual this season, as local kid Todd Boeckman(photo shown) is the OSU quarterback....Boeckman played football at small St Henry High School, where he played under his wife teaches at St Henry, and despite being a town of under 2000, it has produced some great All-Americans and pros...Jim Lachey(OSU and the Redskins), Bob Hoying(OSU and the Eagles), Jeff Hartings(Penn State and Pittsburgh), and 1950s baseball star Wally Post(Hoying's grandfather)....Lachey and Hartings each won Super Bowls and both will eventually be in the NFL Hall of Fame.

Moving from Buckeyes to mushrooms....I posted a photo a week ago showing the large growth in my back you can see from today's picture, it just keeps getting bigger....we will see what the first frost(yet to come) or hard freeze does to it.

Back to Greenville tomorrow, working two mornings this week...Sam, who went to the Cincinnati-Louisville game last night(the Bearcats first loss), will be heading out to Dallas this afternoon with a Diesel Pusher RV.....despite the fuel prices, the RVs keep on selling, somebody has money to waste(RVs are one of the worst investments you could make) on motor homes and pull behinds, and they continue to do so....which keeps Sam from needing to find a "real job"...but being single and having a room at mom and dad's place, I guess he figures, "Why would I want a Real Job?"

Good Point!(I guess)


Mushy said...

The pile of goop will grow up over you house one night while you are asleep!

Buck Pennington said...

Yesterday was a helluva good day for football, eh? Dang! I've never seen a season like this, ever!

Hope your back is getting better, Pat.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

I never can tell if those are good 'shrooms or bad.

Yep, there's nothing like small town football. I love going to the games with dad. It's a special community thing.