Sunday, October 7, 2007



Last Sunday I was up and taking pictures, drinking coffee, and getting ready for my Football Double, I'm up drinking my first cup, and wondering how the heck I'm gonna do a double header with my back completely out of wack...sad part is, I don't even know how it came on.

I officiated Thursday afternoon, no problems, had a slight back ache on Friday....and all of a sudden it has turned into a full blown softball size pain in my lower middle back...we are talking walking straight up, no bending no running, not much of anything....I feel bad for my officiating partner Dale from Coldwater(you only use 2 refs during regular season in Rec Football)...he's going to have to do the majority of work, too late to get a fill-in...will take a couple of IBs and hope for the best...the drive to Greenville will not be fun the next 3 days, starting tomorrow, either, unless this loosens up.

It' been many a year(1993) since I had major back problems following my 2nd major motorcycle wreck in 1987. I had about 6 years of serious issues, without surgery I made it back to normal, with only an occasional problem these past 14 years....this is the third time since March I have some back issues, both went away in a few days...hopefully this one will as well, will try to rest it after the games today, with no other football scheduled until next Thursday, the 11th.

Folks that have never had serious back issues, do not realize how debilitating they can be...and not much you can do for them, except rest...and that is not in the cards for a few more weeks for me.
My Friend Monk is being laid to rest in Alabama today....God be with you buddy.


GUYK said...

I know about the bad back..I have one that gives me fits sometimes. And my wife went through a major surgery last summer a year ago and had her back pinned together..she has enough metal in her now to set off the alarms in the airport..

Mushy said...

Sorry for you loss my friend...I didn't know him, but I know he was one of us!

Buck Pennington said...

I know about back pain too, Pat. I had surgery for a slipped disc back in the summer of '98...and the three months before the docs decided to cut me were sheer hell.

I hope you get better, and soon.

Once again, my condolences for Monk.

BRUNO said...

My condolences as well for your loss. I didn't know him either, but it's the ones who are left behind that need the support, it no longer matters to the one who's passed.

Back-pain? Hell, I think our generation invented it!

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Very sorry about your buddy. RIP.

I know a guy, in his 70s, who still officiates at football games here in Texas. An amazing physical specimen, he's been my canoe partner several times. And he's a world class horn dog. Sends me some of the best porn I've ever seen. Spends a lot of his time surfing for it on the web. Hilarious.