Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Back...Part 2


After a night with heading pad on back in Lazy Boy, this morning my wife managed to get me to go to her chiropractor down in Minster....I had not been to one in about 15 years, and had used a D.O. to end my back problems back in 93....the past 12 days have gotten progressively worse, and with football winding down, I need to get back into shape for RV runs or just for my own workout regiment, and peace of mind and body....even at 58 this really sucks, and has hearkened me back to the late 80s and early 90s when my back was "shot" for a 5+year span.

Anyway, the back guy gave me some heat and micro treatment, did his thing, and after feeling relief for the duration as we headed home it went back into the pain mode...but that was to be expected, another treatment tomorrow, and maybe Friday....he told he that he believes it's not a disk problem but a bulge thing(not his words, mine)...told me to STOP using the heat pad, that that dehydrates the muscle and back area, making it worse...wet/liquid heat is ok...but he told me, to "Ice the Hell out of it"(his words) for now, do plenty of walking, less sitting, less computer time(sitting), more walking, and good luck with sleeping, because it was going to take time, and waking up would continue to be "painful"....honesty is a good thing, and I appreciate that....the walking rather than sitting is painful, but is welcome as well.

Hopefully this will be the beginning of less pain and more movement...time will tell.

__________Most amateur photographers love to shoot sunsets and sunrises...they are easy and usually easy on the are a couple, both is the Old First Church of God across the street, since the church moved about 20 years ago, it is now a small group of rental apartments Interesting part, our house was the old "parsonage"...the past pastors lived here, including one who became a west Ohio United States Congressman, Tenny Guyer...our house was built in 1923, the Church in 1905...lots of history and old items still in the basement and Attic of the house....we have lived here since 1995. The other sunset is Venice Beach, at Venice, Florida, my home town from 1953 until 1963....when we lived there the place was a small tourist and fishing village of about 1000-1200 folks, it's now a "Blue Hair" resort town of 30,000(the drive north to Sarasota used to be 20 miles, now you can barely tell when y0u leave one and arrive at the other), with rising taxes, rising housing costs, and lousy traffic....I choose to go there at least one time a year for a visit or beach vacation, but it will never be what it once was.... sadly, life and times move on.



Mushy said...

Hope he jerks the kink out of your ass soon!

You know it's all that security duty we pulled with the ammo around our waist!

Buck Pennington said...

Sorry you're still in pain, Pat. But it's good you're seeing someone about it.

Nice pics!

~Fathairybastard~ said...

My dad swears by chiropractors, but I don't know. they've been shiftin' him around for 30 years. It sounds like you've got a guy who may know his stuff. Hope it works out.

And the pictures are nice. Something primal about a sunset/sunrise. Too many millions of years of looking up in wonder built intoo our brain. One thing I like about living here is that being mostly flat, you can get some amazing views from time to time. Used to love that anbout working on the ships too. Nothing like a sunset out in the middle of nowhere, after a storm. you can see the weather from WAAAAY off.

BRUNO said...

Boy, I hope he knows his stuff! That ICE treatment would make ME lock-up before I even got started!