Friday, October 5, 2007



I was informed a short while ago that my friend and VSPA(Vietnam Security Police Association) member Ron Calvin Pope passed away this morning...."Monk" as he was known by all of his VSPA brothers was a one-of-a-kind good Ol' Southern Boy with a heart of gold, and a deep respect for Veterans, God, his country, and our strengths, weaknesses, and differences.

A great friend he was, even though I only met him once, I corresponded with him several times a week via e-mails and several phone conversations. Monk had a love for 60s music, and liked to try something new on occasions.

About a year and a half ago, Monk decided to ask the association, via our public bulletin board, to name their favorite music from our times, those times being our Air Force days...when all was said and done, Monk burned off a CD, and asking for nothing in return sent that 5+ hour wonderful set of music from the 60s and early 70s to any association brother who would request of charge. I decided to ask Monk for a copy, but felt I had to offer something in return.....we finally decided to trade his CD for some Cincinnati "Sky Line" I packaged up a few cans and Monk sent me the CD which I still play today....he and a buddy of his, fixed up the Chili....

I remember him calling and asking if I had eaten the canned Chili and what I thought of the Chili....I stole an old line from "Crocodile Dundee"...."Well, the canned stuff, taste like shit, but it won't kill you"....Monk laughed and agreed that the Cincy Chili was a little different.

Thanks Monk, you probably never had a thought on how many guys respected and loved will not get a chance to feel their pain at your passing,....God Bless you friend, and God rest your soul.

This one's for you:


{photos-Thanks to Dan Vison, Bill Paddock, Randy Stutler, and Charles Penley for supplying photos to me, mine of Monk are still locked away on a old hard drive....two of a younger Monk at Tan Son Nhut(he's in the jeep in the fuzzy one)....and a couple of more recent shots, one on the campaign trail, and one at the Valdosta Reunion 2005}


Buck Pennington said...

My condolences, Pat. It hurts to lose friends.

We're getting to that age where we'll attend a lot more funerals than weddings...

~Fathairybastard~ said...

You know, it's the best thing you could ever say about a guy... that he was a normal dude, who was kind and fair, and just lived his life the right way, and then had throngs of people mourning him when he passed. Enough said. We should all shoot for that.