Monday, October 8, 2007

Not much going on/Dog Tags


Worked in Greenville this morning, board meeting at noon...not much going on, Sam took off for another RV run to Florida this morning...Bushnel, located south of Ocala just off I-75....meanwhile I sit resting my back...which feels somewhat better, but still a long way off from being back to games until Thursday, so perhaps I can get back to near normal before then....and a tournament rec league double header is on for Sunday.....did a DH yesterday, and wasn't much help to my partner...he ran, I walked...add that to the 90+ heat(another record high for the date as is today), and it was not hot to even think about smoking a cigar on the front porch or back steps....did down a few beers, to dull the back pain, but it was back this morning...spine is bent like a freaking pretzel.

Add the back to the heat outside, not a heck of alot to do as far as working out of, I'll prepare to watch the Indians-Yankees playoff game tonight, then part of the Dallas-Buffalo NFL contest before hitting the hay.

{how would you like this one today? Photo was taken in front of dad's and his brother's gas station....Uncle John was going through his middle age crisis back when he purchased this one(he was about 45 or so)...the photo was taken at South Venice, Florida, in 1961.....and my 1968 issued Dog Tags from the Air get two, I managed to keep one, after having it stuck in the parent's garage, I reclaimed it about 15 years ago after realizing that although I did not like military life, I was proud of it, and the guys I served with...after all, at least we didn't duck out to Canada, and have to live with that shame}


~Fathairybastard~ said...

Hell man, most guys I know are in their mid 40s before they can afford to buy a dram car like that. Fuck that mid-life crisis shit. Hell, If I could afford one, it'd be drippin' oil in my garage right now.

I have my tags too. See, as dependents, going around the world with dad, they gave us tags too, just in case. I have on on my key chain. It says my name, and then "son", and then my dad's name. My identity, in a nut shell. It's who I am... My daddy's boy.

Mushy said...

I still have mine too and one from grade school. Do you remember school dog tags...a cold war thing I suppose?

I remember there was a fade of rubbing a tube of lipstick across the letting so they would be easier to read...'course your mom busted your ass for ruining her lipstick point!

Did you make that hat by adding the patch or did you get the hat complete from VSPA?

pat houseworth said...

Mushy: Never liked the looks of the original VSPA cap, they are better now...but this one, I ordered a couple of QC patches and bought plain ball caps(that I liked the style) and had the wife sew them on...of course with my thick skull(size 7 5/8) it's hard to find a "size fits all" cap.

FHB: Uncle John(nice named Bannie because of his size, small and musclebound) though he was a stud until the day he died....he never grew old, just passed away at 75...still thinking he had the looks and charm to bring home the!

Buck Pennington said...

re: the Vette..."Happy Motoring," indeed!! I sho nuff enjoyed the one I had, even though it was actually my ex's. I "inherited" it in the divorce, and owned the thing for seven years. Great car. And the only thing that ever went wrong with it was the AC condenser, which I replaced around the five-year point. It still had the original plugs in it when I sold it.

And I have one of my dog tags on my key ring, as well. One of 'em, anyway, and not the originals... which had my "AF" number on it, rather than my SSAN. Pic here.

pat houseworth said...


Mine had the AF number and the SS number...the old Air Force numbers were being fazed out, but we were issued one and kept them for about 6 months, until(I believe) 1/1/69 when they went to using the SS....

BRUNO said...

I don't know exactly what was IN those damned tags, but they'd always leave ME with one hell of a rash!

I went in late-'69, and they(Corps)were still using the assigned #, plus your SSN, too. But then, they always WERE the ones' to "hold out till the last" when it came to changes! And still are, I guess!