Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Nappanee, Indiana, part 2


Sam called over to Hoosier today, they now say the will be up and running by Thursday or Friday....hard to believe, since the damage within yards of the Gulf Stream office compound was total destruction.

The highway is US 6 and the Gulf Stream factory and Fairmount Homes are just south of the Arby's intersection...how everyone was spared, including my straggling son who left just in time, is beyond me.

More video of the destruction:

My favorite Dairy Queen is no more............I have driven along this route hundreds of times the past 5+ years...it will take months for this small Amish and farming community to recover.
Living in western Ohio, and having lived in Dodge City, Kansas, in the heart of "Tornado Alley", I have seen my share of cyclones, and the damage they do....from Palm Sunday in 65, to Xenia, Ohio in 74, to the Van Wert(my birth town), Ohio outbreak in late 2002, the damage in property and lives can never be underestimated.
{photos...air view of Nappanee as it looked before the Tornado of 10/18/07, the top and right part of the city is where Gulf Stream is located and where the storm slammed through....and a generic view of a twister sweeping across the plains}
I will update this story as I get back into Nappanee in the next few weeks.....


Buck Pennington said...

I spent two years in OKC, Pat, so I'm pretty familiar with tornadoes as well. Nothing scares me more, not even earthquakes. I'm glad to be out of the "danger zone" where tornadoes are common. One is never completely safe in this life...from tornadoes or other disasters. But tornadoes are pretty danged rare here on The High Plains of NM. And that's a good thing.

BRUNO said...

That's some good coverage shots of the path of what might be called your "average, normal-sized" tornado, there!