Friday, October 5, 2007

The Return of Summer


I am not a believer in man caused Global Warming, I spent 20 years in Environmental Health work, and have seem my share of bullcrap spewed out by so called scientists...most are left wing socialist types with an agenda...that agenda is to lay guilt on Americans, and get their own piece of the pie...that pie is the US Taxpayers wallets.

Now even though I don't believe in man made climate change, there is no doubt that the climate is educated guess is that it is just in the natural cycle of things. When we moved back to Ohio in 1962 from sunny south Florida it was cold, damn cold, lots of snow, and 5 months I didn't enjoy....once moving back to Ohio in 1980(for good, I guess), the winters were pretty much the same...lots of cold temps, and lots of snow....can't say the same today. My wife bought me a good quality snow blower a few years back...I don't think I've used it more than a dozen times in the past 7 winter seasons....which is all right by me, I don't get a thrill out of that at times necessary activity. So I am convinced the weather is warming, take a look no farther than today, October 5th...record high of 90 degrees, with no cool down in sight until the middle of next week.

Last nights 8th Grade football game at Elida was more proof...about 85 degrees at game time(5pm) and I dropped the sweat to prove it...the home team Elida dropped my hometown kids, Celina 42-6...the two schools play tonight in what has been dubbed the WBL Battle for the Basement...the Varsity teams are both 0-6, and this could be the winner's only victory...Celina will probably prevail, only because they have played their opponents closer...and if they win tonight, the local Bulldogs may actually win a couple of games.

Anyway, the heat is back on....and as much as I dislike full blown winter, I am ready for some 65 to 70 degree days, which probably won't happen, we'll probably drop right into winter.

10 years ago
____________Actually it was 10 years ago in August... in 1997(but since it feels like August why not?), that the family first went to that "Freak Show" called Key West....always a spot for writers and so-called artists, Key West these days has become a dropping off spot for the world's freaks of nature...but we still enjoyed it. After spending a few days in my old home of Venice, we headed south to the Keys...I actually want to show the boys, at that time, 15 and 13 years old what a show Gay Old Key West was. They got their eyes opened to a different culture, and had a good time...The heat in August in Florida is always something to behold, especially in south Florida. We stayed a couple of days, got some good photos, bought some quality cigars at the now burnt down Key West Cigar Factory. The family had a great time for a couple of days...we then headed up I-95 to Daytona Beach and then Cooperstown and the Baseball Hall of Fame...all-in-all, with stops at Monmouth Cave(Kentucky), Venice, Key West and Daytona(Florida) the Chesapeake Bay Bridge(Maryland), and finally Cooperstown, it was our first long family vacation, and still(at least for me) ranks up with the best.

{photos-the family at the "southern most point"....sunset at the docks of Key West....and sign shots of the tourist bar Sloppy Joe's, and my favorite bar in KW, Captain Tony's...the last I heard the Captain Tony Taransco(sp?) was still alive and kicking at 93 years old.}
If you've ever or never been to Captain Tony's.....Jimmy Buffet sings about it in his "Last Mango in Paris"...


Mushy said...

Damn, I love Key place to go to do nothing but walk the streets with a beer in your hand - constantly! Love it!

pat houseworth said...

A fun place...have not been there in a few years...but will get back down there again...I just wish there were cheaper flights...that damn drive down Highway 1 from Miami is fun the first couple of times...but I'd rather just fly in, fish, drink, and walk, and fly out without the "Blue Hair" traffic jam during season.

Buck Pennington said...

The best thing about Key West, to me, is the stone crabs. Of course you could say that about most of south Florida, but they seem to be more available in Key West. And I ate the danged things every day the last time I was there...