Friday, October 12, 2007

Nobel Peace Prize-The 3 Stooges

What can I say, still pissed off because my back is out of wack, I will fore go my non-political posts for one session to rant on the 3 losers above....sad to say, 2 still take up space on planet earth, while the other is enjoying his 72 virgin camels in Hell.
The joke that has become the Nobel Committee, has announced that Fat Al(Bert) Gore along with the UN Committee(lol real surprise there...not) on Global Climate Change have been awarded the $1.5 million for promoting peace....hopefully Fat Al can use the money to pay his overloaded utility bills on his Tennessee estate.
All... Al to Jumma Karter and Yesiryerafart as recipients of this award, officially make it a JOKE....not that there was any doubt that it has been for the past couple of decades....and who you ask(or not) did Fat Boy beat out for his award??????
Just a women who rescued 2500 Jewish kids from the Nazis in doubt Al deserves this award over her......{freaking major eye roll}
Al the Progressive....{progressive is the new word for liberal socialists, who want to fool the masses} wants to save the world, just don't ask him to give up his private jet or 10,000 sq foot pad.
prh steps down off his soapbox.......for now.


Buck Pennington said...

Agreed, Pat.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Totally. Laughable joke.

BRUNO said...

Carter DOES look a little like Moe Howard, doesn't he? Except that Moe might've had just a little more authority......!