Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Weather Breaks


You know when you resort to posting or talking about the weather, you don't have much going on.....but am glad to see the humid 90 degree days gone for the foreseeable future...today 77 sunny and less humid, tomorrow only 58...and then staying in the 60s with a slight chance of rain for the rest of the week.

With the back still acting up, I don't have much going on. Went to Greenville and did my hour or so at the Honda satellite plant, and back, the goal is resting my back on a hard chair until 3:45 or so when I leave to pick up Anissa....one of the deals is when I have the time off I can act as taxi, which doesn't happen often, but I help out when I can.

Last night instead of sleeping like I should have, I stayed up and watched the playoffs and Monday Night Football....the games ended almost at the same time, with the Indians victory over the Yankees finishing up about 10 minutes before the football game.

Baseball has always been my favorite sports, because I grew up playing it every chance I got in southwest Florida, I enjoyed coaching it more, and enjoy the umpire work more than I do football, but both have their place with me.

Now when it comes to pro sports I used to be a big fan, but not so much anymore...baseball you have overpaid under achieving guys that for the most part, move from team to team, hired hands is what they have become....no such thing in 1955, when the guys had to work in the off season and basically played baseball for peanuts and fun....Pro football, well they don't make as much, but those guys are basically freaks of nature...I've spent enough time on the sidelines at pro games, and trust me, you wouldn't want the violence there coming down on you...high speed, big guys, hitting each other at laser light speeds.....if you played High School football, forget it, this isn't the same.

Growing up in Florida I was a Yankee fan(simple, they won, why root for losers?) in baseball with The Mick, Mickey Mantle, my hero, football, the Browns were good, Ohio was my birth state, so why not root for Cleveland?....no Bengals back then. After moving back to Ohio in the 60s I in time became a Reds fan and once George Steinbrunner took over NY, I began to despise the Yanks...loved it when Cincy swept them 4-0 in 1976. As for the Browns, I rooted for them through the 60s.....but when the Bengals moved into the NFL, you had to make a choice, couldn't root for both of them, so I changed my stripes and became a Cincinnati fan in both sports....still am today, but I do not take pro sports to heart....I'd much rather watch the Buckeyes play football, or be out umpiring or officiating a contest myself.

Still I was glad to see Cleveland knock off New York, that way I don't have to listen to the ESPN idiots talk up the Yankees.....the football game between Dallas and Buffalo, don't really care for either team, it was a classic, how Buffalo managed to choke that one is a mystery....must be the Cowboy hold over the Bills(a team they owned in a couple of Super Bowls)...Romo stunk up the joint last night, almost costing one of my fantasy teams a contest...my undefeated Grand Lake Slugs went into last night carrying a 4-0 record, but thanks to Romo as my QB, we were held to a 57 all tie by one of the leagues bottom feeders...but still with a 4-0-1 record, I am the last of the undefeateds and lead my division by one and 1/2 games.

Despite the back, Reagan and I headed outside to kick her basketball around the back yard, hunt for enemy squirrels stealing from the bird feeders(she still hasn't caught one, but is coming closer all the time, despite her advanced age), and discover a big time fungus growth, which has had to come up since Sunday, when the wife mowed the yard(me being out with the bad back and all).

Photos show our outdoor activity for the late morning/early afternoon....with the cooler less humid weather, I may even get out and smoke a cigar tonight......
{Last of the fall flowers....the large fungus, can't be more than 45 hours old, but it does grow...and Reagan wanting me to kick her worn out basketball, guess she doesn't realize that the leg is willing, but the back ain't.}


~Fathairybastard~ said...

Yea, that game was ugly, but watching them pulling it out in the end was bliss. After their defense and special teams beat us up and down the field, for them to have lost the game on an onside kick? Damn! Only thing that could have been better would have been if the kicker had missed the uprights on the first try, and then due to that last second time-out, he'd made it on the second. Wrists sliced all over the place. Yea, they've been hypin' Romo all over the place, and last night shows that he's still got a lot to learn.

pat houseworth said...

The calling the time out at the last second crap has been tried 4 times the past couple weeks...3 in the NFL and in the Florida-Auburn game....2-2 so far, and the Rookie(Cowboys) and the 18 year old Freshman(Auburn) came through.....guess they didn't have time to be nervous.....

The rule is chicken shit......