Monday, October 13, 2008

85 degrees on October 13th

Yep, that damn Global Warming!

Never bought into man-mad climate change BS. 20 years in Environmental Health saw these left wing nuts come out of the woodwork, most if not all had a socialist agenda, those that didn't were just ignorant slugs that bought into the Bullshit of man being a big part of the problem. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy the environment and want if protected, but we don't need a social agenda and a lying press to tell us that "it's all man's fault"....It's Not!

Now here I sit, middle of October, in western Ohio, and we are facing our 3rd straight day of sunshine and 80 something degrees...tomorrow will be the 4th in a row, before we head back to somewhat normal temps with highs in the 60s.

Damn that Global Warming! I hope it lasts another 6 months.......;)

JV football 50 miles east in McGuffey on Saturday morning, then Sam and I did a Rec League Tournament game yesterday here in Celina. No game tonight, then a trip north tomorrow to Haviland and a Jr High game at Wayne Trace....the season is quickly coming to an final game is slated for October 20th...maybe a couple of tourney games after that date.

After that, it will be time for this retired guy to find other things to do....besides watch the ups and downs of the teetering economy and the November 4th election.


The Slugs of America

__________________I will just call them Obama's Children

I received this e-mail from a Army MP Buddy of mine, Jim, last night...a couple of photos, including the one shown, with some real bright liberals wearing t-shirts proclaiming that "Sarah Palin is a C-word"...I blocked the word out, when I digitalized this photo off the e-mail....this was a collection of trash gathering in Philadelphia. You can just imagine the outrage from the press if a group of McCain supporters wore shirts proclaiming "Obama is a Near", {you get the drift}. The main street left wing press has ignored this one...except Fox and some blogs.

Some Obama voters, like these two, are the trash of America, and this is what is heading our way when Barry Hussain steps into office.....Keep your powder dry. You may indeed need it.

In other stupid news, Euro and the US Governments continue to print money we don't have, and are in the process of buying up large banks, with the tax payers dime....Socialism is just a step away,. If Obama takes over come January, the Republic as we know it, is finished.

Not doom and gloom, just facts and opinion.

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Cookie..... said...

I'll be borrowing this one amigo. This is the kind of low life whale shit that the Obama campaign attracts. Several of my neighbors (highly educated and teachers) are staunch Obama supporters, and although I don't believe they would ever wear a shirt like this, they are the other element attracted to Obama. They have intellectualized and rationalized all his faults and past/present acquaintenceships and in my book...they've "outsmarted" themselves. Assholes!

pat houseworth said...

Yep Cookie, my wife and youngest son are teachers, but, like me, are Christian and Right thinking.....however, there are many slugs in the teaching profession, especially in urban schools.

Many are Obama Slugs.....

Buck said...

I envy you your weather, Pat. We're at 49 degrees as I write, supposedly on our way to a high of 58. We ain't even gonna get CLOSE to that. No beer and cigars on the verandah today!

pat houseworth said...

Ours will be there soon guess is this is "Indian Summers" last stand...we still have not had a frost, which is unreal for mid October.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

It been in the 80s here for a while. We call it a cool front. Pretty soon it'll be in the 60s, and I can turn the ac off and save some money.

And yea, the left always comes up with some catchy tags for t-shirts. No tolerance there at all.

Jerry said...

I've been doing some painting on my barn and actually breaking a sweat. Ain't this weather great?