Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Coming Gun Grab

As you can see by the photos posted today, I grew up around guns. My dad his Grandad and the rest of the family were hunters, trappers, and fisherman.....they did it to put meat on the table. I never remember them considering it a "sport" to kill game. Brother Mike and a few cousins also loved to hunt and fish. I hunted for awhile, but never really had the mindset to kill animals to put food on the table...Hell, it was much easier to drop by the grocery store or deli. I fished in my youth but even as an adult, I was basically a 'catch and release' type of guy...I remain one today.

My lack of love for hunting however, never stopped my support for our Second Amendment....I always have, and will to my dying day, support the right to own whatever weapon needed to protect life, family, and property. That right is still being challenged by every left wing nutjob, Marxist, and panty waist male that comes down the pike. Barack Hussain Obama is just the latest, and it looks like this sonofabitch will make a gun grab as soon as he gets his Marxist hands on the White House keys....and Barry has plenty of support from the loons in the press, and far left halls of Congress to try to get it done....if he can't make a direct grab, he will go the Clinton route and make ammo and guns so damn expensive, most won't be able to find or if found, afford the shotgun shells, or handgun and rifle ammunition, required to keep ones self and family stocked up.

Being born is western Ohio a place back in the late 1940s and early 50s where Pheasant were plentiful, and rabbits, squirrels, and raccoons abundant, I remember dad, even in my earliest years was a hunter and fisherman first, a hard working mechanic second...I know mom felt the same way....the Old Man would much rather be in the field or at the lake fishing{or playing cards} than working....Since he didn't drink, I guess he felt that was a better way to spend one's time....not that we were ever neglected by his being "gone fishin". Even after moving to Florida in 1954, dad would always drag us boys with him when he went fishing, usually at the South Jetties in Venice, or on the North Jetties, in Nokomis, Florida.

We always had a supply of knives and guns around the house...back then. I never thought much about it...dad traded guns, sold guns, and bought guns and rifles at will. There were no restrictions....we never needed any. Guns were for hunting, folks just didn't often break into someones home back in 1950 Scott, Ohio, or 1955 Venice, Florida. Things are not that way today....I may not hunt, but even in small town America, you better damn well know how to load and shoot a gun....for whatever I forgot about weapons and firearms from my youth, I still remember from my 4 years as an Air Force Cop....I hated the AF for the most part, but am thankful for the arms training it gave me....I may be rusty at times, but I still can hit a bullseye.

Back to the "Messiah", and we aren't talking Jesus Christ. We are talking about the Chicago one...the one that thinks we are all fools, and will wilt with his coming changes, and the "Brown Shirts" that will follow him. Bring it on Barry, you may fool some of these hapless, guilt ridden Americans, but there are a whole lot of other folks that don't buy into your BS, and we won't stand by while you make your gun grab. When pushed into a corner, I have a feeling you are your henchman are going to get a surprise, one you never expected in your Utopia Dreams.

Barack Barry Soetoro Obama.....He has the First Amendment and Second Amendment in his sights, are you ready?

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photos: Me around 1952 in Scott, Ohio,
with the fox my dad dispatched, and his 12 gauge shotgun, that is still with the family today.--Mike(l) and me with our bow and arrow and hunting knives, practicing at Manasota Beach, on the Gulf in early 1956--and me with our old Beagle "Nick" in our bedroom in Venice in 1960, with the family "collection"..damn, wish I
still had all of those these days.
Finally a photo of "The Judge" a handy little
handgun that fires both .410 shotgun shells or
.45 bullets....sweet!
for more on The Judge:


Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Let the gamee get started. I know all the libs will jump on board the omama band wagon. It is the nature of the beast, the pussification of America, and he is the biggest of them all. Come and take mine and you may find it a little difficult, along with millions of others

GUYK said...

The second amendment was insisted upon by the various states for one reason and it damn sure wasn't about hunting Bambi and thumper...it was to insure the public would not be disarmed by government thus losing the ability to fight an oppressive government.

Obama knows that he is gonna have problems when he comes to the redneck's house to get his guns..there is gonna be some blood shed before this is over

Mushy said...

Hate that song...Yeah, might as well buy you some water-tight tubes and get ready to bury you guns...they are in real danger.

BRUNO said...

I'm surprised to find that I'm not the ONLY gun-owner who DOESN'T hunt "for sport", anymore!

That being said, I tend to agree with the other two posters' points, as well---IF it comes to such, it won't be as simple as "just a piece of paper saying hand it over!"

What was that news-clip the other day, about the grandmother in Australia, I think? Somethin' to the effect of, "When they MADE us turn 'em(firearms)in, I didn't turn ALL of 'em in---I wasn't THAT stupid!"

Like I "preached" about a while back---"Give 'em a PISTOL, and soon they'll want your SLINGSHOTS, as well!"

Just to let you know I do still "pass-through" here, just usually "un-announced"! I LIKE being "un-famous".....!!!

~Fathairybastard~ said...

I second all that. I ain't turnin' anything in. Maybe after a few years of his shit the people will wise up again and vote in a Repub lican Congress. It happened before.

pat houseworth said...

I agree with all guys...problem is FHB, after 4 years of this SOB, we may not have the right to change things, legally anyway.

It should be an "interesting" ride.

Anonymous said...

If they start confiscating firearms, first they'll tell everyone to turn them in and a lot of people will, just as they did when California implemented their ban. After that, they will just start going down a list, one household at a time, and they'll do a Randy Weaver on everybody, but always just a few at a time. So there won't be a massive uprising, I don't think. I hope I'm wrong, though.