Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sarah Palin Drops the Puck

We aren't talking political stuff here. The Alaska Gov has been invited by my favorite NHL Hockey team, the Philadelphia Flyers to drop the first puck come Saturday night against the hated New York Rangers. Philly fans are notorious in their rude behavior, booing Santa at the Eagles game a couple decades ago, the Phillies, Eagles, and Flyer fans are as hard core as it gets. We will see how the Flyer faithful welcome Sarah Palin and the group of self described "Hockey Moms" in attendance.
Finished up our final football rules meeting last night at Van Wert....a dozen of us headed for Pizza Hut after, downed a few slices each, drank 3 pitchers of beer, Blue Moon, Killian's, and a Coors and Blue Moon that late, does not treat my stomach kind when it's bed time. A couple of soft chews of Rolaids helped.

I have dropped 8 lbs in the past couple months, went back to weight lifting(more reps and less heavy stuff however, Hell I turn 60 in 5 months, the joints just don't care for the big lifting anymore), and have been walking most days, in addition to my running up and down the football fields....another 13-18 pounds to go to reach my goal....last night didn't help, but you gotta let go on occasion.

After a late night, I usually try for a hearty breakfast....compared to my usual coffee, banana and yogurt...this morning I cooked up some sausage and a omelet. I'll save the yogurt for lunch.


More Millwood and Waldo, Ohio
I posted some more photos and text on my day trip through central Ohio this week on my genealogy blog:

Today's post was on the Millwood portion, tomorrow on Waldo.

Tonight a Junior High football double header at the wife's school in St. Henry. 7th grade begins at 5pm the 8th grade game to back to sunny and dry, low 70s today, and low 80s with sun in sight for the weekend.

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photos--Governor Sarah Palin/The Flyers sharp new logo poster/this morning's "hearty breakfast, which I don't do often these days/and Tuesday night, getting ready to head to game.


Buck said...

"Great Minds," and all that. I posted on your Flyers/Palin today, too!

Good pics, as always, Pat.

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Now if you cooked up some good ole grits to cover those eggs, now that would be a good breakfast. Clean your pipes out to

Mushy said...

What a great looking breakfast shot!

I always thought you guys worked at the local prisons when not on the field!

Sarge Charlie said...

This is way cool, she is my hero...