Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Changes in Seasons

As fall moves towards winter, I have had time to reflect on not only the changes in seasons, weather, and sports officiating, but the changes in life in general and the shift of the political winds. From the get-go, some 15 months ago, when I started this blog it was meant to be basically a look back and a daily diary of my life and times. I didn't want it to get overly political, especially on a personal level. Sometimes though, you have to let your feelings out, and as the 2008 Presidential Election nears it's conclusion, I see many disturbing trends and changes coming our way as a people and a nation.

One advantage of being retired, semi-retired, layed off, out of work, etc, and having Internet access, is searching the billion miles of cyberspace for history, ideas, opinions, and plain junk. There is no shortage of the latter two. I have to say, I've never seen more hate filled garbage than the stuff coming from the Liberal and Left Wing nutjobs of the nation, who slime the Internet. From the high end trash at the Daily Kos and Huffington Post, to minor league bloggers that visit me on occasion....utterly mindless morons spewing their hate for anything Christian, Conservative, or American. Now to be fair, let's face it, there are some hard core Right Wing sites as well{some can be found on the links on the left side of this blog}, but far and away, nothing like the filth and hate that comes a calling from the Marxist trash, and the Liberal Elite.

The trash that trolls the Internet comes in all forms....and by some comments you find on every new blogs, most of that trash slimes around cyberspace 24/7. These people have no lives or jobs, and this is their revenge.

With the election now just 6 days away the movement in the polls doesn't appear to be enough to sway the election away from Barack Hussain Obama. On a more ominous note, it also appears that the Congress will be solidly controlled by Democrats, lead by Nancy Pelosi, the San Francisco drag queer, and Harry Reid, whose parents lost the bet in Vegas, when he was hatched...a scary thought? Well probably, but approaching 60 years on this planet, not much worries me these days...especially political hacks like those mentioned above. That's not to say there is not real danger headed our way with a Obama Presidency. If you thought this country was divided when Billy Bob Clinton and Hillzilla was in office, and now with Bush as a lame duck, wait until Barry, his sock puppet VP Joe Biden, and the ever so lovely Michelle "Black Power" Obama come a calling for your guns and your freedom of speech. Don't think that will happen? Guess again!

The damage these assclowns will do to this country and the Republic is going to be like a Tsunami hitting a tiny desert island in the Pacific Ocean.....some of us can see it coming, some are oblivious to what is coming our way, but I'm not sure we can do a Hell of a lot about it.

One blogger who can see exactly what is in store for those of us who don't act and think like a Chicago Street Thug, is the V-Daddy:

Drop by and read his October 23rd post, and enjoy the comments he received. The paranoid, the fans, and the hate oozes from the comment section. They all come out of the woodwork. If you read and heed nothing else today...check this one out.

Anyone who has read my blog on a regular basis knows I am hardly a John McCain fan...I do however, like his running mate, Alaska Governor Palin. Palin is one reason the rabid dogs on the left are so vile these days.....she doesn't happen to be a dyke, doesn't support unrestricted, doesn't drink cocktails with the New York elite and the short she is everything the left is not, and those scum of the earth types can't handle the fact. 6 days away, 6 days, whether McCain pulls an upset{not likely} or not, we are in for hard times....if Obama wins, we Americans who hate Socialism and Marxism, and love freedom of speech are gonna be tested, TESTED BIG TIME! Hang on to your hats, hang on to your guns and wallets, it's gonna be a challenge.

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Anonymous said...

It looks grim, sure enough. And you're right about the trolls. They are damned sure out there.

pat houseworth said...

Yep, the worst is to far as the trolls, screw em', no democracy on my blog....I don't need the BS...I just zap em' unless they write something worthwhile, which they seldom do.

Brigid said...

Still looks like a nice area. I used to keep a little fishing boat up in Mentor Lagoons on Lake Eire, but that was about 5 years ago.

pat houseworth said...

Thanks for dropping by Brigid...your blog is one of the best I've seen, and have added it to my list.

Mentor, home of the Cardinals....on of my friends is officiating the playoff game up there tomorrow night.