Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Obama "Truth Squads" in Missouri

So, you don't believe "The Ebony Messiah" is a Marxist? Or maybe a Nazi? know, I don't know the real difference between the extreme right(Nazis) and the far, far, left(Commies). I suspect that they meet somewhere in the middle. So if you hate political opinions you disagree with, or are just too shy to handle might want to stay away from this one.

First off, let me say....IMO this election is over! Barack is the winner, the press is in bed with the Illinois Marxist, and the dye has been cast. Let us face it, the American public, those voting and those that don't, are too stupid or ill informed, to have figured it out. The far left has successfully made Sarah Palin look like a gun toting right wing religious freak(nothing wrong with that), and made McCain look like an out of touch senile fool, all the while carrying water for Barry Soetoro Barack Hussain Obama. Unless something from out of the blue comes out....Obama-Biden will rule what's left of our once proud Republic.

Obama's Missouri Truth Squads________

The chosen one, hardly a man of free speech, unless that speech agrees with his warped world view, has managed to get law enforcement and legal hacks in Missouri, to form truth squads...Basically Obama and his henchman, are saying if you don't admit Obama is a Christian who wants to cut taxes to 95% of the population, you are committing a crime:
Linked are two You Tube videos, one from a TV report, and the second of that report and well place comments on "The Messiah" and what his election is going to mean to anybody to the right of Chairman Barack:

The Report:

The Report and "evil right wing" messages contained:

The Conservative opponents of Barry in Missouri have just been "Tagged"...go along or be arrested. If you don't like the above videos, just "Google" "Obama Missouri Truth Squads"
I'm sure giving "Google" plenty of plugs, and trust me, that might not be good for this blog....they have already labled this blog as "possible spam"....I've been on their "watch list" for about 3 months now.

So you still don't think this guy, from Illinois via Hawaii, is a Dictator in waiting? I would say Hitler, Stalin, etc, but we already know Bush is Hitler(according to left wing nutjobs), and Obama hasn't yet shown he's another Stalin. At least not yet! . I would just ask you to "Google" ACORN, Public Allies, William Ayers, Weather Underground, for starters, and see just what and whom your next President hangs out with.

Yep, I know, I should not be posting negative thoughts about our future "leader"...but let me leave you with one more: When you are checking out Barry's friends and Marxist organizations, check out his "posse", the folks that he will be bringing to the table come January.
This in not a call to abandon all hope, you still need to get your asses out and vote.
Tomorrow: The Barack Voters-"We Love the Nanny State"
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Sarge Charlie said...

I got to tell you, this bastard is scaring the hell out of me.

pat houseworth said...

He's a Marxist punk Sarge, and his supporters are fools, looking for the gravy train. That engine has left the station, and they just don't get it.

Enjoy your cruise!!

The Hermit said...

The consensus here in my office is that you are right.