Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gone Fishin'

As I mentioned in the Gun Rights posts this week, I don't hunt anymore, and don't fish as much as the old days. Our "Grand" Lake is pretty well a boat, ski, pontoon, and party lake these days, so I haven't drowned a worm in it for the past decade or so. Still fish when I get to Florida, off the Venice Pier or Jetties, and on occasion my buddy Nick and I get out....that is the plan this weekend, or rather it was.

Late October and early November are Salmon run time on the Au Sable River in Michigan. Au Sable runs from central lower Michigan east towards and drains into Lake's been awhile since I have been there, but we enjoyed it last time, and decided this weekend was the time to do it. Nick took tomorrow and Monday off, giving us time to search out a good spot, drop some egg bags into the river mouth and hope for a "big one".

Checking out the weather situation we talked last night about changing our plans and going south to Dale Hollow on the Tennessee-Kentucky border, down in Mushy's haunts:

But as of this afternoon, it's all up in the air...we are heading out tomorrow morning, guess we will make up our minds "weather" or not it will be north or guess is, we, despite it all, will go north to Salmon fish.....anyway, will let you all know where, and how well or bad we did, with photos too, come Monday.

Have a great weekend....back later>>>>>

Photos from Fishing Past: 1984 showing a average size Walleye from Nick's boat on Lake Erie between Ohio and Canada shores. Dad and me in the summer of 1962 fishing from a bridge wall on the Auglaize River in Defiance County, Ohio. And finally me, with a cod or Red Snapper caught off the Manasota Bridge near Venice, Florida, in 1956.


Mushy said...

It's suppose to rain Friday and Saturday, but after that it should be beautiful on the lake. Temps in the high 50's and 60's all next week.

Hope you make it!

Shrinky said...

Aw, I just love these photo's Pat, particulary the last one, that fish is almost bigger than you are there (smile).

Hope you make it for a brilliant weekend, look forward to hearing some fisherman tales on your return.

Buck said...

I hope ya have fun, Pat. I love Michigan's Thumb... I have MANY fond memories associated with that place, as it's The Second Mrs. Pennington's home turf.

Donald Douglas said...

You're a true all-American, Pat!

Anonymous said...

Well, where ever you go, I hope you have good luck with the fishing. And you'll get the relaxation of a change of pace, regardless.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

I love those old shots. Hope you havin' a great time.